Sunday, July 6, 2014

Flood Zone

French Connection Embellished Jacket
American Eagle Outfitters Crop top
Skirt (thrifted - no label)
DV by Dolce Vita Heels

These pictures were taken back before the great drenching the Interior has been experiencing, this spot is currently under half a foot of water.  The pond rose all of the way to house and we ended up with about seven inches under it - thank goodness it's a raised house!  The whole yard flooded out and the road's under water as well, I kept joking with Ev that we'd have to park the cars along the highway and paddle the canoe down the road but another inch or so of rain and that would have been a reality.   That happened to us a few times in Seward when the three mile bridge would flood out or the lagoon at mile 12 would flow over the river but we've been pretty spoiled living in the Interior.  (It's considered a desert, woo!)

So yeah, I'm sick of rain.  It's almost 85 degrees today but we're suppose to get another three days of hard rain this week.

So, so happy.


  1. That crop top looks awesome on you and I really like it paired with the thrifted maxi skirt. I hope the rain starts easing up soon! That flooding sounds awful.

    Jamie |

  2. wow that jacket is absolutely stunning! i love this look! and these photos are amazing :D

  3. Holy moly, so glad you've got a raised house! Yikes, lots of rain...
    But hey, at least you got your photos done before that happened. It's a great location for this outfit! I love the combination of a cropped top and maxi skirt. Definitely something I"m gonna copy now ^^

    The Dragonfruit Diaries


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