Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Old Navy Hat and Shorts
Joie Silk Blouse (Consignment)
Necklace (thrifted)
Free People Bag (Birthday gift)
Birks (consignment)

Heh, this hat has not held up very well.  Because it's made of paper I've tried to take good care of it but it seems like the band shrunk and the whole crown of the hat is pretty misshapen by now.  I suppose you get what you pay for but I bought these shorts last summer on clearance for under $5 and they've been doing pretty well so far.  I'm pretty cheap when it come to shorts, I really don't like to pay so much for such a seasonal item, we get maybe three or four months of decent weather and then it's back to the cold.   The Birks are a pretty seasonal item though and let me tell you, my feet feel the luuuuuuvs for the Birks.   I don't really like buying sandals because of the aforementioned short window of wear but if I ever wear these out I am totally buying another pair, I don't care that they're going to be "oh that's soooo summer 2014."  Birk love forever.

This is the bag I mentioned a little while ago, when Ev asked what I wanted for my birthday I told him "any bag from Free People" because you know, I'm a bag person. (And a shoe person.  And a pony person but he just laughed when I mentioned wanting another pony.)   He chose this one and man, it's so pretty and shiny!  It also sorta fell apart the first time I wore it, the strings hold the plates to the canvas came loose and I had to sew them back on but I don't even care because SHINY.  I'm pretty sure I'm suppose to be old enough now not to be distracted by shiny stuff but I still like NERF guns so that's probably not happening.


  1. I love your new hairstyle and this combination ;) cute hat :)

  2. That's a cute summery outfit, I love the blouse!

  3. This is a great outfit--and your hair is so pretty!

  4. oooh shiny! you're so funny. i thought paper hats were for parties. i was gonna compliment your hat, then i read how you didn't think it held up. score on the shorts.


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