Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Water Off Your Back

Fred Meyer Hat
American Eagle Outfitters shirt
French Connection Skirt (thrifted)
Jeffery Campbell Heels
Silver and Lapis Cuff

There's baby ducks in the pond now, in addition the muskrats and geese. (Adding in the two foxes, the rabbits, the moose, the owl and the two ponies, it's pretty much like a zoo now.)   The muskrats and the ducks get pretty active in the evening so the kids and I go out to the pond and just sit in the grass watching all of them.  There's so many frogs this year as well, Gunnar's had so much practice that he can catch them now all by himself.  It's really sweet watching him, he's so careful and gentle with the frogs and he's always telling Izzy and his friends that they "have to let them go back because they're wild animals."    

The excavator really stirred up the pond so there's been a lot of good eating for the pond animals, the muskrats ended up being pretty chill about the whole thing and have been really active lately.  We got the canoe out of the shed yesterday and paddled around the newly expanded pond, it feels quite a bit bigger now.


  1. I really love that top, it's so pretty! Sitting by the pond watching all the critters sounds so relaxing :)

  2. Ponds are fun to watch! I remember the pond in The Dark Crystal and how lively it was... I use to wish it were real! (Heck, still do!)

    Also, this outfit is just killing me softly with it's song. Those shoes... that skirt... that blouse... that hat, all combined together! Love it.


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