Friday, June 20, 2014

Sweet Ride

Areopstale Tanks
American Eagle Outfitters Necklace
Kay Unger skirt (thrifted)
Minnetonka Leather sandals (thrifted)
Fred Meyer Bag (gift)

Yeah, I think something might be wrong with this car.

Not much to say, we drove out to the river flats, played around and looked at the burned out cars and I got showed up.

Fashion blogging, I'm doing it wrong.  Izzy's got this thing down.


  1. Such lovely pics and I do totally love your necklace!

  2. lovely pics as usual..i like your skirt

  3. Bahaha, Izzy has you beat! She's a natural :)
    And yeaaah, that car may or may not have a few things wrong with it...
    But there's definitely nothing wrong with your outfit! I love the print skirt and the tough tank with the hat. Just an overall super cool look <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Woohoo, sweet ride you've got there indeed, would love to hop on that :D
    Gosh, love this tank top! So grunge! ^^

  5. Great use of the dilapidated looking car as a prop for your photo shoot. ;)
    I especially love the top!


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