Monday, June 30, 2014


Ecote Kimono
Dooney and Bourke Leather Bucket Bag (thrifted)
American Eagle Outfitters Top
Curfew Sandals

We got a new dryer this weekend!  Well, new to us, our neighbor just bought new appliances for her house and asked if we wanted her old (it's only three years old) dryer.  We spent the winter without one and have been using a drying rack or the clothesline which is great for the environment but not really so wonderful for cold or wet days. Having a dryer again is pretty awesome, we hooked it up yesterday and it runs perfectly.  It was also really good timing, I've had the blankets on the horses for the past weeks because of how cold and rainy it's been and the blankets are completely filthy now. Someone thought rolling in the mud was fun and put a rip in his blanket that I have to patch up now, the little monster.   At least I get to wash the blankets in my own washer, we use to take them to the laundromat and boy, do you get some bad looks when you walk in with horse blankets. In my defense, we did always do a really good job of cleaning out the washers afterwards.


  1. Oh I absolutely love this outfit! It's so cute and fits the backround perfectly. I don't know why, cause it's not even a cowboy styled but it reminds me of southern.

  2. It's so nice being able to use a dryer! It's one of those conveniences that can easily be taken for granted until you have to dry your clothes yourself. My friend used to wash and dry all of her own clothes inside her home in a bucket. She did it to save money on laundry (her apartment didn't have a washer or dryer).


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