Thursday, June 26, 2014

Just Before The Storm

Old Navy Hat
Ecote Kimono (Urban Outfitters)
American Eagle Outfitters Tank and Shorts
Lucky Brand Leather Bag (gift)
Birks (consignment)

An hour after taking these pictures we got hit with another storm, it was quite a bit smaller than had been predicted but it was a bummer to see the rain come back around.  (I want my nice, hot Fairbanks summer, not a Seattle summer.  There's a reason why I live in Fairbanks and not there and it's mostly because I like really hot summers with no snakes.)  The pond is really high right now, it's in the front yard now and if we get another inch of rain it's going to be where we park the cars.  The house is built up so we're not worried about it flooding but that was a big consideration for building the new house.  Our house site is on the other side of the pond and is a good three feet higher.
I really like these shorts but they are just the worst for wearing, they wrinkle if I look at them.   Next time I'll try to starch them when I iron, but if that doesn't work, whatever. My life is pretty informal so it's not like wrinkly shorts are going to kill my social standing.


  1. We had two storms here and hail, which is baaaaad news for the crops. I hate this Summer!
    And I looove your awesome hair *_*

  2. This kimono looks awesome on you. I really like it paired with those green shorts. Casual and very cool. I feel you with wrinkle prone shorts though. I have so many pairs like that and I hate ironing!


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