Saturday, June 21, 2014

It's Like Whoa

American Eagle Outfitters Men Tee
Aeropostale Shorts
Woven Hand Bag (thrifted)
American Eagle short Necklace, longer necklace handmade
Birkenstocks (consigment)

Man, I LOVE these shoes.  Not as much as I love ponies but it's pretty close.  I'd wanted to replace my espadrilles that fell apart last summer (after two wearings, I tried to sew them back together and ended up just using them as my garden shoes) but I couldn't find and slip on shoes I was really happy with.  I don't like a lot of the slip on sneakers that are popular right now, those white soles get grubby pretty fast and dirty white shoes drive me about nuts.  I know that Birks are having a moment now and that was part of my consideration when I tried these on but whoa - these transcend "trendiness." I'm gonna wear these forever, they are so comfortable.  I like having slip on for running out at night or in the morning to feed the horses or for gardening or you know, pretty much everything.  These sandals have kinda gone beyond that though, I get home and it's so wonderful to take off the hot, sweaty work boots and put these on.

So yeah, these won't be cool next summer but I don't care, I've converted.


  1. Haha, shoes and ponies....oooh it's a close one with me :) LOVE your hair!

  2. Love the banana print of your shirt!

  3. He-he, ponies are awesome, but they can't compete with shoes! :D Love the sandals too, and adore the rad t-shirt!

  4. I am loving these Birks girl! You look so cool <3
    I seriously need to invest in some because I've seen so many girls rock these sandals like nobody's business, and lately, I am all about comfort

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