Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Horse Play

Old Navy Hat
French Connection for Sears Romper
Birks (consigment)
Handmade necklace
Fred Meyer Bag (gift)

Hey, it's been a while.  I'll chalk that up to being sick, busy and partly lazy.   We finally brought Dollar and Merrylegs over to the property and it took a while to get one of the fields ready.  They were pretty overgrown with foxtail and while foxtail isn't poisonous, the burrs are very dangerous to horses, they can get lodged in a horses throat or gums and cause terrible abbesses. We know quite a few horses who've had problems with the foxtail so we were really carefully to go over and over the field, doing some controlled burns and lots of raking.  This is the temporary fence while we set up another pasture with the wood fence but both Merrylegs and Dollar are pretty happy.  Their new pasture is about double the size they were in before and the ground at the top is nice and soft which Dollar loves. (Bigger horses can have trouble laying down on hard ground, it causes rubs on their hips and legs and at over 17 hands, Dollar's a pretty big guy.)  It's also really wonderful for the family to have the horses here, Izzy has really taken up a lot of responsibility in helping me with all of the feeding, watering and cleaning along with the general horse care.  I think Dollar is pretty happy to be near his girl as well.


  1. Awww, always love seeing photos of your horses. That one of your daughter and Dollar together is precious :)
    And heyyyy, Birks! Haha, I see you hopped on the trend there. Nice!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. Most. Comfy. Shoes. EVER. :). I like it when trendy items end up being really comfy and useful and so far I've gotten way more wear out of these than the espadrilles that lasted through two wears. (i'm serious, you need to try a pair of these, your feet will be in heaven!). And thanks, Izzy and Dollar have way more cute momments that i always fail to capture.


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