Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Half For The Price Of One

Sweater (swapped)
American Eagle Outfitters Top
Areopstale Overalls
Jeffery Campbell Heels
Lucky Brand Leather Bag (gift)

I'll cop to sort kinda like the crop-top trend, if my stomach wasn't the mess of stretch marks that it is I'd totally wear some. (Um, I think I'm still in that age category unless we're going by the whole "you can wear anything until you're 18 and then you're retired, you dinosaur you!")   So I cheat by wearing a crop top with high waist jeans or overalls.  So brave, much wow.

In other news, hair is still at a strange length.  I'm going to try to grow it out into a bob with everything one length and if I don't like, I think I'll just go back to the pixie.   It would be nice to go back to only buying shampoo once every two months.  I am liking the darker hair, I love the red but it's been fun to change it up a little and now I can wait twice as long before touching up the roots.  That sounds like a win for laziness!

(Ignore squinty face, I'm starting to realize why bloggers take so many pictures with sunglasses on. Too bright!)


  1. Haha well crap, my stomach's been retired already, and even before that, I never wore crop tops! Rats....looks like I lost my chance :P
    Ah well, I don't feel that comfortable in them anyway. I do like how this one looks with the overalls though. You're rocking them in an edgy boho style that I LOVE!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. Stretch marks, metch mark, whatever, you're a hot piece of cake!!! Love the overalls! Awesome ensemble ^_^ And I can't believe you deal with the growing out phase of the hair so well! I was so sad during it! :D

  3. Love your blog so much, you are absolutely stunning!
    I'm also from Alaska, found you on Alaska Dispatch I believe <3
    Stay warm!



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