Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Go Pony Go

Old Navy Hat
Silk Tee (thrifted)
Seven For All Mankind Jeans (consigment)
Valentina Leather Bag (thrifted)
Birkenstocks (consigment)

Just a comfy outfit.  I did steal Izzy's bag again, (the one she decided was hers) the color is really fun and it's an easy bag even if all I can fit in it is some cash, my driver's license and the phone.  But after years of lugging around 140 pound diaper bags stuffed to the gills with all of the baby paraphernalia you need, it's sort of freeing to travel so light.  (Yup traveling, all the way down the road to the gas station.  Living the high life here people.)


  1. I love these photos! Especially the third one

  2. Cute and casual! I like the color and round shape of your little bag too. It contrasts nicely against the dark colors in your outfit.

  3. Nothing like a casual outfit to relate too! Haha that's what I've been wearing a lot of lately. I used to be so into crazy shoes, but now all I want is to invest in some Birkenstocks!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. I traveled to the grocery store, does this count for exploration? :D
    You're super cute and the photos are getting so pro! The star print top is lovely!


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