Monday, May 19, 2014

Summer Time Lovin'

Nayette Layfore Top (thrifted)
Elizabeth and James Silk Skirt (ebay)
American Eagle Outfitters Belt
Woven Bag (thrifted)
Rag & Bone Harrow Boots (ebay)

It's so nice not to have to wear coats all the time although I'm a little bummed that as soon as I got my camera back, our weather of 70 plus degree temps dropped down 40-50 degrees.  That 70 degrees, man, it made me a wimp.

I bought this skirt just because of the beautiful pattern,  it just really appeals to me.  After watching this skirt on Last Call all last year, I ended up getting lucky and finding it on ebay, brand new, for $29.99 with free shipping. (I just checked and now it's going for $20-$25 which is way down from the retail price of over $250.  Ebay for the win!)   I wish they hadn't designed it with a drop waist because I think those can look a little odd on a maxi skirt but the pattern is so pretty in real life and it's really well made, fully lined and moves so nicely.  It's fun to finally wear it during the summer, I was getting pretty sick of boots and sweaters.

Of course I say that and then go and wear some ankle boots.


  1. That skirt was a definite Ebay win! I really love the wrap top you're wearing too. I feel like it would pair nicely with a ton of different stuff.

  2. I like your hair growing out. And that darker color really suits you more. Good job!

  3. Yay for Ebay! Such a bargain! I love the skirt! And the creamy, feminine top goes perfectly with it! And wow, is this the grown pixie? Oh my, looks waaay better than my growing phase, you're so pretty! And the new hair color is cool too!

  4. ugh, I was so sick of boots by the time winter was over. Your skirt was a great find -being patient does pay off! I think the drop waist looks nice, but I can see how it could go either way.


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