Thursday, May 15, 2014

Staying On Track

So last year sorta close to this time I wrote up a list of items I'd like to add to my closet.  I don't do "wish lists" because they bother me but I do enjoy seeing what other people have really thought about and are planning to add to their closets.  I want to be a better consumers and that in part means "don't buy so much JUNK."  I'm not wild about clothes being an investment purchase because they do wear out - chances are I won't have some of this stuff in eighty or so years. (Although I do want to be buried in my French Connection jacket,  end of story.) But I do believe in buying garments that will last through two or so washes and that are hopefully made through socially responsible brands.  So listing what I'd like to buy does feel pretty frivolous and materialistic but by making a list and sticking too it, I'm still buying far, far less.

I didn't do great on staying on track last year, I go distracted halfway through and went back to THRIFT-ALL-THE-STUFF but this year I'm going to work harder at it.  I feel good about having a  uniform and because my work is mostly labor, I only need a few pairs of throw away jeans and shirts and I can spend the rest off my budget on my off duty clothes.  (Because I do change  clothes when I get home from work, who enjoys spending the rest of their day in paint and pony poop covered sweaty clothes?)

Last Year's List

Rag & Bone Fedora - This one is still on my list.  I really like the look of it but I haven't started saving up for it yet. I did find a Minnetonka  hat that was similar and that has a buffalo nickle trim that is so Jeremy Irons in Appaloosa-ish that I may give in and get it instead.

Paige "Wild Heart" Horse print Skinny Jeans (Returned) -  I did order these  and ended up sending them back.  The rise was awkward on me and while I really do like the print, these jeans didn't fit very well into my closet and I've been trying to avoid that.

Jeffery Campbell Boots-Heels - I ordered these finally!  I fell in love with these A.D heels but the price for them was crazy, like $900  plus.  That's way out of my comfort-zone so I searched for a look-a-like and these Jeffery Campbells were a spitting image. (oh, the culture of knocks offs and here I am supporting it. Blah.)  Every other similar looking shoes I've seen had a very thin, stiletto type heel and part of what attracted me to the original was the thicker heel.  When I finally decided to order these,  they were out of stock and I ended up waiting another three months for them to  come back.  I'm so happy I did though, you wouldn't think it to look at them  but these shoes are really comfortable!  You can adjust the laces so the rivets don't dig into your toes and the thicker heel makes them really easy to Walk around in all day.

Rag and Bone "Harrow" Boots - I did find these on ebay for a really good price and I love them.  The only downfall is that I didn't wear them very much this winter, I was worried about wreaking them in the snow and salt and I feel a little foolish for buying something I'm scared to wear part of the year.  I think I could have bought the Sole Society version except that the Rag and Bone version is so cushiony on the inside.

New stuff on the List

French Connection "Sable" Jacket - This should have been on the last list except that it had sold out by that point and I couldn't even find it on ebay.   I'd given up on this jacket and bought a sort-a-similar jacket from AE that I didn't really love and that didn't fit so well(again - sigh) and was just disappointed.  Then a month ago I found it on ebay,was going to buy it and then ended up finding it on Saks off 5th for way less!  It was 72% off plus extra discount and free shipping and I've worn it almost every day since it arrived.  It fits into my wardrobe really well, I've  wearing mostly black jeans, ankle boots and sort or of blouse and this just worked perfectly.

Isn't this jacket beautiful?  I'm not crazy about the short but the jacket it's self is spectacular and I've really been happy that I found it.

Black Leather Pants - I ordered some Current/Elliot leather pants off ebay for really cheap, I didn't have a lot of familiarity with that brand and how they fit so I went up a size just int case. AND THEY ARE SO SMALL.  I couldn't return them and I don't think I can resell them - part of the reason I got them so cheap was because they have a small patch that isn't visible but I think it's something most people wouldn't like.  They've been fitting a little better  I' going to just keep working out and see if maybe I can get them to fit nicely by fall  before giving up, trying to get a little money back and buying the Rag and Bone version. (Which I wish I had.  I love my red leather pair, they fit so nicely and I think that brand is designed a little more towards my shape than Current/Elliot is.)  I did notice that the ones on Saks off 5th go on sale for really cheap so I might wait for a sale but this is a wait-until-fall kinda thing.

Everlane Silk Blouse - I like the ones I have and I've pared them down quite a bit but  I've noticed I don't have much by way of solid colored ones.  I'd really like a white silk blouse and I've heard good things about theirs.  (The prices aren't painful either.)

Joie Wide Leg Silk Pants - I see these off and on on ebay and I love how they look.  The
track pant/jogger/whatever-it's-called loose pants that are so popular now are cute but I have to face the music and accept that they just don't look that great on me.  A high rise, wide leg silk trouser?  On paper that sounds pretty good for my figure.  These aren't a "need" (well, nothing on this list is a "need") but I do really like them.

Rag and Bone Leather Shorts - This seems silly, I know.  I've thought about these for almost a year and I find them on a decent price fairly often.  I hate to pay too much for something that has such a short seasonal life but PRETTY.

Rag and Bone Fishermen's Sweater - This list has a disturbing amount of Rag and Bone but I've been so happy with everything I've bought so far and it all seems to be nicely made. (I know most of the clothes were made in the US for a while but it seems like now not so much.)  I cleaned out my sweater shelf this past month, being from Alaska you would assume I'd have some really nice sweater but nope, I suck at buying sweaters.  I have a red L.L.Bean sweater and a Columbia turtleneck I really like but otherwise, it's a wasteland of waste.  This summer I going to carefully buy a few sweaters I really like that are versatile within my wardrobe and stick at that.  This sweater in particular is gorgeous with beautiful structure and it looks warms. (Bonus - it's white!  Totally fits into that whole versatile wardrobe thing.)

Joie Lace Blouse in White- I have one lace blouse I've gotten a lot of wear out of but being a cheap one, it doesn't have a lot of life left in it.  This blouse it beautifully made and is full lace, not that whole the-front-is-lace-back-is-solid garbage that seems to be popular.

Free People Journey Slip - Okay, this one is one the list just because it's a lust item.  I don't like to use words like that about clothes but this slip, I lust for it.   It's again more of a want than a need or a really serious wardrobe addition but it's beautiful.  (I'm just trying to justify it at this moment.)

Part of having this list is too keep me on track of what I do actually want in my closet and part of being a better consumer is also consuming less.  That means less thrifting,  less buying online or in stores, less ebay, less everything.  I get really distracted without a list and tend of fall off the wagon so I'm going to really keep track of myself this time. I think there's about eight items I really want and if I stick to it, eight items a year isn't that bad.  Some of the stuff is more expensive but it's all stuff I've thought about for a while and really like and saving up for it will make it more special.  Everything works within my closet and with each other, I've been wearing more black/white with reds and blues thrown in so the color palette is cohesive as well.

One thing I'm really happy that was never on my list? Printed leggings!  That's been one bloggy
trend that I've seen in the real world and it is not good.  Even if you're crazy skinny, these just look terrible.  (It might not help that every keeps wearing them as pants.  LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS.)  Printed pants can look cute if they're not neon but the printed leggings are just all kinds of fug.  I think I hate them even more than those horrible bedazzled  MissMe jeans that are suddenly everywhere.  Why Fairbanks, why?!  We're better than that!

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