Monday, April 7, 2014

Slippery Road

Old Navy Coat (christmas gift)
J.Crew Top (ebay)
American Eagle Outfitters Jeans
Leather Boots (thrifted)
Pendleton Bag (consigment)

I'd been looking at this bag since Christmas but since I need another bag like I need another five months of winter, I held off on buying it.  But I kept thinking about it and thinking about it and thinking about it and a few weeks ago it went on a half off sale.  I'd been saving up my consignment credit so I bought it, had a few moments of "what have I done? Another bag?  Do I love it?" before I realized that I really do love it.    That sets a dangerous precedent for buying items now, I try to only buy something if it fits in my wardrobe and if I really like it so buying something when I'm so on the fence only to discover I do like it a lot is not how I want my buying approach to be.

While I really like my bag, I'm kinda bummed out over how poor this coat has held up.  I've worn it only a handful of times since Christmas and it's starting to look rough.  I use to have good luck with coats from Old Navy but that was almost 6 years ago and it really looks like they've gone down hill. (I think I'm free to mumble about the quality of this coat because I told Ev it was one I'd like for Christmas. I would never grumble about an item that was given to me otherwise, that's been pretty unappreciative.)  I think I'm going to donate this coat because I have a few really nice coats I like and while I do really like olive green, it's not really a necessary color for a coat in my closet.


  1. Yeah unfortunately I think the quality of Old Navy products just keeps going down as they mass produce stuff in third world countries to keep costs down. Trying on jeans there is always a painful experience.

  2. all that snow... brrr, I'm only glad we have none here in Estonia today. and I hope you will get rid of that white stuff soon as well (sounds impossible though). anyway, I like it when you rock those stylish hats. like a signature piece or something ;) and I can see why you wanted the bag so much. it does look like something that belongs in your wardrobe.
    it was lovely to "see" you again by the way and I hope the rest of this week will be wonderful for you and your family. I'm waiting for Friday already, haha.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. I had a beautiful wool camel peacoat from Old Navy that I donated several years ago and now I'm mad that I did! I don't think I'll find another one as nice at that same price point.


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