Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Over Compensating Or Something

Leather Jacket (thrifted)
American Eagle Outfitters Lace Tank
Areopostale Overalls
Jeffery Campbell Heels (ebay)
Pendleton Bag (consignment)
Long Necklace handmade
Silver and Emerald Flower Necklace

I was going to try to write something all smart about overalls but....they're overalls.  I've worn overalls as barn pants up until four years ago before I finally tossed them(they were a little over ten years old at that point and I was trying to be cute and stylish) so it figures that overalls popped back up again a few years ago.  I'm not a fan of "dressing" them up, overalls will always be work clothes to me and they just look so wrong with pumps.  I do like that lately more of chill, practical look is what trending, if overalls must be worn with heels, said heels should be chunky and not dressy.  

So yeah, overalls.  It's a pain to find ones that don't give you the mom-jeans look in the back and they're NOT dressy but they're cute for a laid back look.  And I secretly like overalls because you know what, IT'S NOT THAT HARD TO GO TO THE RESTROOM.  Undo straps, tada.   I'm not sure what the fuss over that is all about, it's only when you wear a sweater over the overalls that it gets more tedious but seriously, come on.  

And that's enough of me justifying a pair of $20 overalls. (Because I actually really like these and they do fit into my wardrobe and lifestyle.  Overalls make for awesome barn pants.)


  1. Wow ,amazing Pictures! Love your Outfit :)

    big Hugs

  2. Overalls and a leather jacket....ahhh, I must copy this outfit formula right away!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. they do fit your style, life, & they look fab they way you put them altogether. they had overalls as the top trend on the show fabulist last week.


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