Thursday, April 17, 2014

In The Soup

American Eagle Outfitters Denim Jacket, jeans and bag
Joie silk Blouse (ebay)
Report Boots

It's  spring time here, the temps have been in the high forties and everything is melting.  Unfortunately, it's making getting to the highway a major adventure.  We keep our little road plowed this winter and only had four inches of hard pack and when the dozer was out, scrapped that off as well but the main dirt road that leads to the highway was plowed only twice this winter.  There's about 16 inches of hard pack on it that is pure slushy soup right now and man, is it ever a pain trying to get out.    Hopefully it will all melt off this week and we'll start seeing some gravel.

It is nice breaking out the spring time clothes and putting away all of the winter jackets, I'm starting to feel human again.  I just want to wear sandals!  My Michael Kors sandals broke last year so I replace them with two pairs, a leather Steve Madden pair and some cheapies.  Sandal wearing season is pretty short so two is the max that I can bring myself to buy, I just don't get enough wear to justify any more.  (Silk blouse are totally different.)

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