Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Great Balls Of Fire (Are Not Fun To Stand In)

Sheinside Coat (gift)
Scarf (thrifted)
American Eagle Outfitters Dress
Leather Bag (thrifted)
Seychelles Boots

You know, I thought I had something really smart to write out but it turns out I don't.  Right after the month of crazy work ended, I got really sick and could hardly get out of bed for a few days which is really unusual for me and when I did finally start feeling better, I burnt the living daylights out of my hand starting a brush-clearing fire. (I was the stupid sucker this time, whoa air displacement!  I'm lucky I wear my work hat pulled down low or I wouldn't be sporting eyebrows right now.)  The hand's feeling better now, it's mostly my ego that keeps mocking me for being so foolish.    It's a busy week for us, we have a cat(not the feline kind, more along the lines of heavy machinery) coming out to start digging out and clearing the pad for the house so we're trying to get the area as clear as possible.  After that it'll be time to dig the gravel out of the pond.  I'll try not to continue my string of stupidity and dump the backhoe into the pond.


  1. This mix of black and white is awesome! I love this jacket and the cool scarf you're wearing. I'm glad you're feeling better but that really sucks about your hand! Burns are the worst. Hope it heals up soon!

  2. Hah! When my ex boyfriend and I were building a cabin together before Lilah was born, we rented a backhoe and it got stuck in the mud over by our little pond. I remember that summer very well because the mosquitos were terrible. We would get easily 50 + bites a day.
    Okay, rambling aside, I always love what you put together! You have such a wonderful sense of style.

  3. oh katie i'm so sorry you burnt yourself. you are so strong. the dress with the scarf look divine.


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