Monday, March 31, 2014

We Walk These Roads

Coat (thrifted)
French Connection Silk Blouse (thrifted)
Jessica Simpson Jeans (thrifted)
Fergie Boots (gift)
Woven Bag (thrifted)

Work is suppose to slow way down this next month which is great in some ways, not so great for the bank account.  It is going to be really nice to have time to finish house projects in the evening, it's really shaping up to be an early spring up here in the Interior and we've started clearing land so that as soon as the ground thaws out, we'll be able to lay down the gravel and get started on the foundation.

The land we bought had a very old house on it and we knew going into it that it really didn't have that many years left in it, due to the foundation sinking on onside(oh, the joys of permafrost!) which is leading to serious roof problems and in general, it's just not going to stand for another 20 years.  We spent last summer and this winter working on it so it's okay for a few years and is a spot to live while we build our new house.  We picked out a spot this winter on the property and we've been working on clearing it these past few weeks, we're putting in the driveway this weekend and hopefully we'll be able to get the foundation done this summer.  We're going to do a log Barn style house which is just freaking adorable and one of the big things we've been saving up for is a saw mill so we'll be able to do our logs for the house.  My parents have always built their own houses and it feels a bit odd to me to live in a house that's been pre-built, you really start to notice the mistakes other people have made and it's just an amazing sense of accomplishment to live in a house that YOU built.   the property will be paid off in full in three years and we're building the house completely out of pocket so it's probably going to be a work in progress into next summer and possibly(but hopefully not) that winter but once it's done, we'll be living somewhere that completely free and clear money wise.  That's sorta freaking awesome seeing as the summer before last we were feeling we'd never be able to afford our own house.  My whole family went in on on the property together because it was such a low price and now my brothers all have a few acres of their own to build there own houses. (Which is kinda a big thing for 22 and 24 year old boys, to own their own houses and land!)   My brothers and my husband all really enjoy each other's company and Izzy and Gunnar love being around their uncles so the whole thing has really just come together so perfectly.

Eh, enough rambling from me.  I'm just excited about the whole thing and it's going to be a thrilling(and exhausting) project to be working on.


  1. My dad has some architectural/civil engineer training, so he designed and contracted our house. It's not adorable like it sounds like yours will be, but it feels way more spacious than it is because of the open floor-plan and big windows. I don't think I would personally take on a house-sized project, but it's wonderful that my dad planned this place with MY family in mind & it's an expression of his love for us. Sorry, that got both braggy and sappy, haha! Anyways good luck!

  2. Oh boy, ready to gear up for some exciting work it sounds like! Aha, what a project, but I bet it'll turn out amazing. You'll have to show us progress photos once it's done :)
    Good luck!

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