Saturday, March 1, 2014

Take That Money And Watch It Burn

Gap Sweater Coat (thrifted)
Forever 21 Silk Dress (thrifted)
Fergie Boots (gift)
Dooney and Bourke Bag (thrifted)

Whoa, an outfit with hardly any black?  Who have I become?!   

Black has been a total default this past winter but mostly that's because I've been trying to streamline my wardrobe and figure out what I really enjoy wearing and for some reason, I like black. (And beige.  and red.  and olive green.  But that's beside the point!)  Mostly it's because I don't like neon colors, aside from being SO. FREAKING. BRIGHT. they're also really hard to mix into a cohesive wardrobe.  Black pants and coats just work with everything and leave me the option of buying printed blouses and jackets that I really enjoy wearing. (And I sorta think the black pants make me look taller, just let me live in my little delusion.)

Um, I think I was going somewhere with all of this but now I've kind forgotten.  It's been a really long few weeks with work and March is booked completely full for me.  No days off but that means I'll have lots of money to put aside towards doing some repairs on my car and maybe buying a new vehicle for Ev.  The little car is nice for gas but we're at the point where we really need a truck and there's no way in hell he's going to torture my Expedition with whatever things he wants to haul.  (He's a man.  They destroy cars.  They also have to fix the cars they destroy but I'd rather he do it to his own and leave mine out of the whole thing.)


  1. It's been difficult for me to escape the black as well... especially after wearing it everyday for all things as an adolescent. You look great in the cream colored coat! I'm afraid to wear anything cream, but I think I may need to branch out!

  2. lol at the thing about cars =P I think you look lovely in these light tones! It must be because spring has supposedly begun :)

  3. Yeah, I agree. I don't have many neon colored items, mainly because they're impossible to incorporate into day-to-day outfits. Darks and neutrals make for a great basic color palette that blends together wonderfully!
    Much like your outfit :)

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