Saturday, March 29, 2014

Black Is The Color Of Love

Scarf (gift)
Sheinside Coat (gift)
Joie Silk Dress (ebay)
Woven Bag (thrifted)
Carlos Heels via Famous Footwear

I've been looking at the Zara coat of this same design on ebay for quite a while and Ev ended up finding this dupe of the same coat and ordered it for me.  It was pretty sneaky of him and it was really sweet that he'd taken the time to notice I'd had the Zara coat up in the browser for a while and tracked down this version.  I've never ordered through Sheinside and after the hassles Ev went through, I don't think I'd ever order through them again.  He did order a size up because several reviews mentioned it running small and the coat is still too small to wear a sweater under but it is a decent light weather coat.  It seems like trying to return anything is pretty difficult so we decided just to stick with this size as a packing slip wasn't even included in the order. (They actually messed up quite a few things about our address as well but thanks to the perk of living in a small town, the clerks at the post office figured it out.)   The quality seems right for the price he paid for it and I do love the coat and design but most of all, I really love that he did something so thoughtful.  (It must be because I've been making really killer dinners lately.)


  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAwwww, this is probably the sweetest thing I've ever heard of! Usually, when my boyfriend finds out that I've been madly in love with a jewel or clothing, he just throws the money on the table and says "here ya go" which is good I guess,I can buy tons of stuff with the money, not just one thing he-he-he. *sneaky*
    BTw, you look absolutely breathtaking! Where were these photos taken? Such beautiful scenery, like in the movies O_O

  2. I love your new coat and how sweet of him to buy it for you! I won some credit to Sheinside from a blog and just redeemed it today, but I'm definitely expecting a long long wait time for the stuff to get here. Hopefully the order is actually correct. Their stuff runs pretty small too if their measurements are right. I swear nearly everything I was looking at topped out at a 35cm shoulder width and mine is around 40cm. I didn't think I had particularly broad shoulders. Weird clothing measurements over there. But anyway, you look awesome here. I love the cute location too!

  3. Oooh, this coat is fantastic! Also, these, you always inspire me with your style and photographic eye for what appeals visually.
    Haha, and yes, you must be killing it in the kitchen :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. what a sweetie that evan do something so kind for you. such a lovely surprise. you look fantastic!


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