Monday, March 31, 2014

We Walk These Roads

Coat (thrifted)
French Connection Silk Blouse (thrifted)
Jessica Simpson Jeans (thrifted)
Fergie Boots (gift)
Woven Bag (thrifted)

Work is suppose to slow way down this next month which is great in some ways, not so great for the bank account.  It is going to be really nice to have time to finish house projects in the evening, it's really shaping up to be an early spring up here in the Interior and we've started clearing land so that as soon as the ground thaws out, we'll be able to lay down the gravel and get started on the foundation.

The land we bought had a very old house on it and we knew going into it that it really didn't have that many years left in it, due to the foundation sinking on onside(oh, the joys of permafrost!) which is leading to serious roof problems and in general, it's just not going to stand for another 20 years.  We spent last summer and this winter working on it so it's okay for a few years and is a spot to live while we build our new house.  We picked out a spot this winter on the property and we've been working on clearing it these past few weeks, we're putting in the driveway this weekend and hopefully we'll be able to get the foundation done this summer.  We're going to do a log Barn style house which is just freaking adorable and one of the big things we've been saving up for is a saw mill so we'll be able to do our logs for the house.  My parents have always built their own houses and it feels a bit odd to me to live in a house that's been pre-built, you really start to notice the mistakes other people have made and it's just an amazing sense of accomplishment to live in a house that YOU built.   the property will be paid off in full in three years and we're building the house completely out of pocket so it's probably going to be a work in progress into next summer and possibly(but hopefully not) that winter but once it's done, we'll be living somewhere that completely free and clear money wise.  That's sorta freaking awesome seeing as the summer before last we were feeling we'd never be able to afford our own house.  My whole family went in on on the property together because it was such a low price and now my brothers all have a few acres of their own to build there own houses. (Which is kinda a big thing for 22 and 24 year old boys, to own their own houses and land!)   My brothers and my husband all really enjoy each other's company and Izzy and Gunnar love being around their uncles so the whole thing has really just come together so perfectly.

Eh, enough rambling from me.  I'm just excited about the whole thing and it's going to be a thrilling(and exhausting) project to be working on.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day's Fading Glow

Old Navy Parka
Columbia Sweater
American Eagle Outfitters Jeans
Seychelles Boots
Lucky Brand Leather Bag (gift)

Like I said earlier this week, I've been wearing mostly black jeans with a tee or sweater.   I discovered these high waist jeans at American Eagle last month (note, they are jeans, not jeggings!  Big difference in fit) and they are fantastic.  They smooth the love handles, perk the butt up and best of all, they smooth out the mommy pooch.  These are the petite(short) length and by buying the shorter length, my knees actually are in the knee spot on the jeans so they don't bag out like regular length jeans. (Where my knees usually hit somewhere in the thigh, that just makes for a weird fit.)   I've been wearing them pretty non stop, I don't want to wreak my Rag and Bone jeans buy spilling bleach on them or work materials ripping them out so these are a pretty good switch out.   Vanity plays a part in me wearing them all of the time, I think they make me look taller and I'm all about extra height.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Black Is The Color Of Love

Scarf (gift)
Sheinside Coat (gift)
Joie Silk Dress (ebay)
Woven Bag (thrifted)
Carlos Heels via Famous Footwear

I've been looking at the Zara coat of this same design on ebay for quite a while and Ev ended up finding this dupe of the same coat and ordered it for me.  It was pretty sneaky of him and it was really sweet that he'd taken the time to notice I'd had the Zara coat up in the browser for a while and tracked down this version.  I've never ordered through Sheinside and after the hassles Ev went through, I don't think I'd ever order through them again.  He did order a size up because several reviews mentioned it running small and the coat is still too small to wear a sweater under but it is a decent light weather coat.  It seems like trying to return anything is pretty difficult so we decided just to stick with this size as a packing slip wasn't even included in the order. (They actually messed up quite a few things about our address as well but thanks to the perk of living in a small town, the clerks at the post office figured it out.)   The quality seems right for the price he paid for it and I do love the coat and design but most of all, I really love that he did something so thoughtful.  (It must be because I've been making really killer dinners lately.)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Winter Wandering

Forever 21 Jacket (thrifted)
Silk Anthroplogie Dress
Isabel Marant for H&M Scarf c/o H&M
Seychelles Boots
Bag (thrifted)

This little park is located in middle of North Pole, I'd forgotten about it until yesterday when when I took the kids to the playground.  It's finally getting really warm and it's so nice to get out in the sun.  I've been pretty lazy about wearing dresses lately, it's been such a busy month with work that I've just defaulted to jeans and a sweater so I tried to put in a little effort this evening.   It's nice to have a uniform but I do have moments where I just feel "stuck", looking at my non-work clothes in the closet while my jeans get all of the wear.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sunday Morning

Hat and Blouse c/o H&M
American Eagle Outfitters Jeans
Dansko Shoes (old, gift from my aunt)

I only had a few minutes to take pictures this morning so I tried some indoor pictures.  My kitchen really isn't big enough to set up the tripod and I'm redoing the framing around the windows so ugh, ignore those. (don't look at the windows!  Ugly framing!  Same for the really old flooring, I have some beautiful hardwood flooring to put down but there's a lot of work that needs to be done before that goes down.)

Yeah, let me go on and on about all of the home repairs I'm working on, just pretend it looks beautiful or something.  In style news,   a 6th grader did tell me that my shoes were "awesome"which is not normally something I'd say for Danskos looks wise but they are comfy. And mine have studs. That makes everything cooler.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Burn It Up

Leather Jacket (thrifted)
Sweater (thrifted)
Vintage Christian Dior Skirt (thrifted)
Report Leather Boots (thrifted)

It has been quite a while since I ore this vintage Christian Dior skirt, mostly because I had no idea how to incorporate it into my style or wardrobe.   Last time I wore it with heels and a denim shirt and it was sorta okay but not really good.  I've been cleaning out my closet and this skirt has just been sitting to the side, I haven't been able to bring myself to toss it but I could not think of how style it.  Last week I was getting ready to take some closet to the thrift store so I tried to see if I could come up with any ideas for wearing it or in the bag it was going.  I'm not really sure what my roadblock was, as long as I didn't pair the skirt with anything too sweet it was fine.   Isuppose I'll hang onto it a little longer.

I've been reading about filters for camera lens and while I haven't ordered any yet, I did play around with a make-shift one to see if I'd like the look.  (I was lazy, I just taped my sunglasses over my camera.  It probably was very un-cool.)   I do want to try some new things out photography wise so I'm thinking I might end up getting a few.  The Vic made an appearance, she's not very cool as well but hey, her being a former cop car means people don't tailgate me.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Those Days Bite

Leather Jacket (thrifted)
Columbia Sweater
Joie silk Skirt (ebay)
Report Leather Boots (thrifted)
Beuno Bag (gift)

Looking at the pictures now, I really like this outfit but at the time I was not feeling it. Unhappy pictures, it's a give away.  I was pretty tired from a lot of manual labor, I was trying to break out of my little safety zone of pants and I wasn't feeling very good about my body that day.  (The mental monologue was not kind towards the thighs, I just really hated my muscles that day.)   I think that was maybe just low blood sugar and tiredness talking because right now I do really like the outfit, it was was one of those days.

Friday, March 21, 2014


Leather Jacket (thrifted)
Silk Kimono (thrifted)
Old Navy Tee
J.Brand Waxed Jeans (ebay)
Famous Footwear's Carlos Boots
Rachael Rachael Ray Bag (thrifted)

Kimonos are the best, they might even be more fun than leather jackets and coming from me, that's saying a lot.   They're not really practical in winter but it's been warming up enough lately that they'll work layered under a jacket.  My resistance has been lacking when it comes to buying them so I've got five now in my closet, all them are different and you know, I just needed them so badly! (NOT.)   I need to go back to staying focused on what I want to add to my closet and net get so distracted by shiney, flow-y silk kimonos.

I've been trying to be good about wearing my sunglasses lately, with the sunshine and the slick roads the brightness has been giving me a lot of eye strain and headaches.  I've noticed that I'm starting to have trouble reading signs until I'm almost up on them so it might actually just be time to go visit the eye doctor.   It's not that anything looks fuzzy from a distance, I just can't read those stupid signs until I'm almost past them and that sorta defeats the whole purpose of having signs.