Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wild Animals

Forever21 Jacket (thrifted)
Denim Shirt (thrifted)
Dress and Hat c/o H&M
Salvatore Ferragamo Bag (thrifted)
Leather Riding Boots (very old)
Cow Necklace (thrifted)

These boots just keep making their appearance!  I suppose this means I rather like the look of a tall riding boot and what's the point of spending money on a "fake" when you have the real thing? This could just be me justifying wearing my working boots, I still have a tendency to forget to take my riding chaps off and I end up in Fred Meyer, getting looking because they're freaking purple, fringed riding chaps. (And on that note, whats up with saying "ass-less chaps"?  I've never seen a pair of chaps with a seat so it seems redundant to say that. but maybe I'm just thinking about riding and motorcycle chaps.)    I also forget to take my helmet off and get in the car with it still on, causing some of my students and fellow riders to make snide remarks about my mad driving skillz.

All this talk about work gear makes me think I need to work those chaps into an outfit post.


  1. Beautiful dress and I love your short hairstyle ;)

  2. Haha, do it! Wear those purple fringed chaps!!!
    I want to see these magnificent things. Lol
    Anyway, loooove the maxi dress in the snow. Always love it when you wear those longer hemlines :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. This maxi dress is gorgeous! You make me want to try one, but I always feel like I'd look awful in them because I'm so short. I really love the layering going on here though. You look great!

  4. PLEASE DO wear the chaps on the blog! I wanna see them!

  5. I like that you toughened up your floaty dress with the denim and leather. Thrifted Ferragamo, too? You are a thrifting queen! :)


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