Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lights In The Distance

American Eagle Outfitters Knit Cap
Old Navy Parka and White Dress
Kimono (thrifted)
Fossil Bag (thrifted)
Seychelles Boots

I've been really into kimonos and I got lucky in finding a few.  I found this and another at the thrift store, a stylemint grey one on ebay for 99 cents(I know!) and my sister gave me one.  So I went from kimono poor to swimming in them and while I'm trying really hard to keep my closet pared down, each one is a different length and style so it's nice to have one that looks winter appropriate and other that'll be cute in the summer with shorts. (Some things you just can't winterize and a light, chiffon kimono looks a little out of place.)

These pictures were taken near Creamer's Field again, I took quite a few picture there last winter and while I don't get into town as often now, I try to get pictures here every now and then.  I've never been brave enough to break out the camera and take pictures in public near the old Dairy Barn (which is beautiful) but there are some very scenic little paths.  I still get pretty shy taking pictures in front of people and this past year I got so use to taking them in the woods that I dislike anyone watching.  after all, you do kinda look like an idiot, setting up the tripod and the shot and then running back and forth. Sometime people ask what's up and I always say "it's for a project" but seeing as practice is a big part of learning, it's not that far off.  I see a lot of improvement from last year's pictures and now that I understand the technical part of using my camera, I don't have to spend as much time trying to figure out the settings and can spend more time developing my "eye."


  1. This going directly into my "MUST COPY" folders...haha, no seriously, I have a thing for kimonos, and this one is gorgeous! Looks like your kimono set is going swimmingly :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. I HATE when my neighbors see me taking outfit photos, especially if they ask what I'm doing. So awkward. On the bright side, kimonos seem to like you too!

  3. You rock that kimono! I think I would feel frumpy in one, but maybe I wouldn't? Shouldn't knock it until I try it!
    I feel you on the whole taking self-portraits in public thing. Even though I could say, "Oh fuck it, I don't care what they think!" those awesome confident thoughts get overriden by "Do they think this looks stupid?!"

  4. Hahah, I feel silly making different poses in front of the camera while people stare... It's just weeeeeeeeird!
    Congrats on the kimono swim! :D Love the patterns and colors of this one!


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