Monday, February 3, 2014

Field Of Dreams

Old Navy Parka
American Eagle Outfitter Cardigan (thrifted)
Silk Blouse (thrifted)
Black Jeans (thrifted)
Fergie Boots (gift)
Leather Satchel (gift)

This is a location I've been wanting to take pictures at for quite a while.  One side is a hay field in the summer while the other is home to a herd of cows and if you get up high enough you can see the Alaska Range in the back.  I usually take pictures on our property, we have 10 acres with the pond and woods so there's lots of good spots but I also try to get out and take pictures at different locations.  I like a variety in the photos, otherwise it gets to be pretty monotonous looking.


  1. awesome snow nature :) love the picture :)

  2. You always amaze me with your skill with the camera and the tripod (and I assume a remote?) Regardless, I can barely get my husband to take a picture as good as yours and he's actually looking through the camera!

  3. I like using variety too, although here in the city area it's difficult not to feel awkward with a tripod taking photos...sigh. Still trying to get over that. I get scared into abandoned areas for my photo sessions when I'm on my own. Haha, I need a personal photographer at all times!
    Anyway, yes, being a red head rocks. I absolutely love it! :D
    Cute outfit as usual Katie, I adore the mix prints of your pretty top and scarf

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. That looks like Creamer's Field!
    I've felt stuck in a rut with finding good locations for taking pictures. I don't have a car so my options with my tripod are limited. I think it's really cool that you have 10 acres at your disposal, though!

  5. The scenery in your pictures is always spectacular. I appreciate that you run around finding places, because for me it's like a mini-trip to Alaska minus the cold! haha =P


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