Monday, January 6, 2014

Under This Lonesome Sky

Forever 21 Fake Leather Jacket (thrifted)
Kardashians for Sears Tank
Old Navy Waxed Denim
American Eagle Outfitters Leather Boots and Necklace
Leather Satchel (Christmas gift)
Silver and Moonstone Ring, Icing "Nail" ring

This jacket is actually a replacement for a jacket I bought years ago, this Bongo cropped jacket.

 I am both  short and have a short torso so regular length jackets usually hit me at the top of my thighs and while that's not the worst thing ever, I do like having a jacket that hits me at my hip bone.  I think it makes for a longer line and I like how shorter jackets look with dress. Well, I suppose I go to extremes.  Long over sized jackets with dresses and shrunken, cropped styles with dresses, none of this middle of the road stuff. (So a mentality that reflects our current political system! Oooooh, burn....)

Anyways, the jacket.  The Bongo jacket is older and it has a very juvenile look to it which kinda makes sense seeing as Bongo is a youth brand. Forever 21 is as well but this jacket is a very clean style with out any embellishments that screams "I'm trying to look like a 13 year old when I'm really far past the age group."  The F21 jacket is a better fit as well, the Bongo jacket does odd things to the chest area which again, it was made for 13 year olds.  I have a few really nice real leather jackets and a few fake leather one and generally the fake doesn't bug me.  I might save up for a genuine leather jacket of this style in the feature but it's not really a pressing need and I'm pretty happy with this cheapy.

PS- Ignore the hat.  I'm a dork and it was slowly falling off.


  1. Hehe, way to burn the system ;)
    And my tip for wearing beanies and preventing them from slipping? Bobby pin them to your head! Haha, that's how I keep mine from falling off all day.
    Anyway, I love this outfit Katie! Its actually something I'd copy and wear head to toe myself. The statement necklace is so cool, and then your (fake) leather jacket adds that cool girl touch to the overall look. Definitely an upgrade from your Bongo one!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. As a fellow short person with a short torso, I agree with you about the importance of jacket proportions - I think it makes a big difference to the overall look. This outfit looks like it would blend seamlessly into any urban scene, so it's nice to see it juxtaposed against the snowy field.
    This outfit is amazing - I like how it shows off your figure and how you stuck to an all-neutral palette while adding interest with the necklace and the texture of that wonderful bag! I've always had such a hard time putting all-neutral outfits together - so I will be pinning this for inspiration. :)

  3. Simple and beautiful !

  4. lol @ the politics comment. sick burn indeed!


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