Monday, January 6, 2014

Thrifting Karma

American Eagle Outfitters Coat
Edward Silk blouse (thrifted)
Arrowhead Pendant (thrifted)
Rag & Bone Leather Pants (ebay)
Leather Bag (Christmas gift)
MIA Shoes (thrifted)

I found these shoes at the thrift store, put them on and didn't want to ever take them off.  I've really started to lean towards loafers and I love the look of a chunky heeled loafers. (Not to mention - easy to walk in.)   I wear mostly boots right now because you know, it's winter and socks don't look great with jeans and shoes that expose feet but I did wear these for a warm day.    Good thing my toes have little feeling left in them, all those years of horses tromping them had an upside.

I really believe in thrift store karma.   I know quite a few people make money off scouring thrift stores and then turning around and selling those items and yeah, goof for them for being enterprising but it's also kinda greedy.  I've been lucky enough to find really nice things at the thrift store and for those nice thing, I buy maybe 15% .  I might find a Marc Jacobs dress, it might fit and it beautiful but if I don't loooove it, I don't get it.  I leave if for someone else who might love it and I wait for something  special.  This is good because it keeps me from overloading my closet but I think it's good to not be greedy.   I suppose this seems kinda stupid, it's not like I'm buy stuff just to hoard or to keep others from buying but I do think that if you're not greedy, thrifting karma happens and you'll have that one day you find exactly what you're looking for.  As an example, I kept passing up Marc Jacob silk dresses(the sppendy, normally $1000 plus ones) and the other day, I found the exact Winter Kate silk dress I'd been watching for on ebay and I got it for $2.99.  Fist pump!  

Again, this looks stupid after seeing it in writing.  I know it's all luck of the draw and that people have the right to buy whatever the hell they want and that consumerism drives the world, but I still believe.  Thrifting karma, you get back what you put out.


  1. I really really REAAAALLY think you should make a thrifting post! You could show us your thrift store and your process in going through the clothes to find those gems you keep collecting. Oh, and by the way, the thrifting karma definitely makes sense to me. I think you have the perfect mindset in passing up on things that you don't absolutely love and waiting for the ones you do! Makes for a more efficient closet that you really love :)
    Anyway, these loafers? ADORABLE! Proof of thrift karma right there, haha

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. Hahaha, it's not stupid. It's awfully hard to be self controlled when entering a second hand store. I used to splurge into a shopping mania, now I'm quite more reasonable :D
    I love dem shoes, they're gorgeous! But just seeing you, wearing them in the snow, gives me the chills!!!

  3. I love your thrifting philosophy, and I also LOVE THOSE SHOES! #jealous


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