Friday, January 10, 2014

The Big Bad Cold

Wool Cape (Thrifted)
J.Crew Cape (thrifted)
Fergie Boots (Christmas gift)
Cow Skull Pendant (ebay)

The cold down in the lower 48 seems pretty bad right now,  ad about how cold it was in Georgia and it's like wow, do people even have heaters in their houses? My husband went to basic down in Georgia (in the middle of summer) and it was about the most miserable thing in the world for a boy from Alaska.  He said the humidity was like walking through water in 100 degree heat.  Anyways, my point was that I can't even imagine being use to that kind of weather and then getting hit with cold like that, it must feel like the apocalypse or something.  Zero or colder feel pretty okay to me, I think the only time I felt really miserable was in Healy when we got -60 plus wind chill and it ended up being -85 below.    We were in a bad spot though, right under the mountain and in the gully where the wind just pounded down on us.  Blah, Fairbanks was pretty nice after that!

Take care down there everyone and put on lots of coats!  We'll stop sending our weather down there.


  1. This dress is the cutest ever! I love the pinstripes. I feel like it would be the perfect spring dress too. I love how it looks with your cozy cape though.
    And yes. I can attest to the horribly humidity in Georgia. It normally stays like that from April through mid-November, which is why I'm such a huge fan of when the weather cools down. Or when I go up to visit in Illinois and the humidity is nothing compared to home!

  2. Everybody is so frozen with this polar vortex nonsense. Also I second what Jamie said about the dress! & love your cow skull

  3. Hhaha, oh man, the weather has been crazy. People from USA haven't even the slightest idea what real cold means :D It's quite apocalyptic for them, indeed. Russia, on the other hand- just another day shoving 4 meter snow out of the yard :D
    I love this dress, it reminds me of an old, but fashionable pajama, I love clothes that resemble pajamas. And is that a cow necklace? Or is it part of the collar? It's so freakin rad!!!!!

  4. Negative....85?
    Ummm, yeah, I would be pretty miserable too.
    Like, frozen to death miserable.
    But there I go again with hyperboles...although I really do believe I would pass out from that type of temperature.
    Anyway, the outfit! Haha, that cape is rather majestic and lovely <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

    1. Yeah, that wind chill is awful. It'd get to -75 pretty easily but the -85 was the worst I'd ever seen. I just finished reading -148 below, it was about the first winter ascent of Denali back in the sixities and three of the climbers got trapped near the summit for days in -148 below zero. It's hard to complain about any sort of cold after reading that!


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