Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Steadfast Companions

Hat c/o H&M
Cowgirl Dress (thrifted)
Leather Belt (thrifted)
Seychelles Leather Boots
Leather Satchel (Christmas gift)

Jack's been slowly going blind in each eye and he's not nearly as rambunctious as he use to be.  This past month he's been sticking closer to when when I or the kids go outside and he does very little roaming on his own.  He's almost 14 so I suppose his age is finally catching up to him but even compared to last summer, he's slowed down a lot.  It makes me sad to see my little buddy getting older and knowing that the day isn't that far off that he might not be curled up with me in bed or with the kids on the couch.  Pets aren't just pets, they're people to their human companions and the two of us have been friends for a long time.
The warmer weather has perked him up quite a bit, he usually hunkers down during the -40 below and he really hates putting on his little snowsuit and booties so yeah, he doesn't like the cold weather.  He was pretty spry today, even doing a little spazz-ing. (If you have a Jack Russel, you know what I mean.  They just start running around like crazy people.)  Its good to feel him feeling perkier, he even had a standoff with the aggressive squirrel who live in our woodshed. (This squirrel is a jerk, he chased Izzy down the drive way earlier in the day. Squirrels - giving geese a running for being jerks of the animal kingdom.)


  1. Aw, Jack is such a cutie, even as an elderly man. I know how you feel, and just enjoy every moment you still have with him. Our pets really do become a part of the family, don't they?
    Anyway, glad you both got out and enjoyed your "warm" weather! Aha, I absolutely love this cardigan though Kati, where did you get it? An H&M gift?
    The third to last photo is perfect!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. No, i just forgot what brand it was, a friends and i swapped out long cardigans. She got the grey michael kors one and i got this beauty.:). Totally agree with you, I know you just lost prince and after reading your heartfelt post about his passing it made me realize we probably don't have that much longer with jack. He is quite the handsome elderly gentleman isnt he?

  3. Hey Katie! I really love your outfit here. It's kind of bordering on what my mind thinks of as "bohemian", which I adore.

    I've never had a dog as a pet before, but I used to have a cat. (Or rather, he had me.) It's quite special the way we are able to bond with members of different species. (Though I imagine it's difficult to bond with a fish unless you live underwater.)

    Also - I got your e-mail! I should probably e-mail you back, dur.

  4. I also have a small dog on the elderly side who's slowing down a lot, and it makes my heart ache to think he'll be gone not long from now. All the more reason to cherish the moments now. . .

    On a happier note, I love your dress! You really do have the best collection of little white dresses.


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