Friday, January 3, 2014

Snowy Frivolousness

Jones Jeans Wool Coat (thrifted)
H&M Dress (thrifted)
Lucky Brand Leather Purse (gift)
Leather Over the Knee Boots (gift)
Icings Necklace

This is one of those outfits that I just really like.  I like a long coat over a swing-y dress and while I know most people hate over the knee boots, I personally like how they look on short people. These boots were a Christmas gift and I adore them, they have a lower heel so they're easy to walk in for the winter time and ice and I think they sorta make me look taller.

One of the un-sung heros of my closet has been my Banana Republic black cashmere cardigan.  I've worn it with almost every outfit this winter, it's a perfect layering piece for over dressed and under coats, it's usually not visible but its very warm. I love cashmere as a alternative to wool, I think it's just as warm and not nearly as itchy. I have a couple "junk" cashmere sweaters that I've worn out so that they're no longer pretty but they're great for work or getting firewood.


  1. I like this outfit. Very cute. Love all the boots too. We just got snowed in here and I am afraid to leave my house. Don't know how you do it daily LOL.

  2. I LOVE cashmere. My mom and I both religiously thrift cashmere sweaters and then throw them in the washing machine to felt--they're great for cozy wearing, and they can be cut up to make things! I also really like your swing dress :) The loose, easy silhouette is so nice. Adds a spring feeling to the winter ensemble.

  3. Happy 2014 !

  4. I think these boots look awesome on you. I see no problem with over-the-knee boots on short people! Ones that hit in the middle of the calf tend to look stumpy-ish, but that's about it. These are great. I also really love the way that blazer looks with your pretty dress. There's just something about blazers and dresses. I need to break out my blazers and get some use out of them!

  5. I've been searching for a cashmere sweater for a looong time, can't find a decent one :/
    And I love over the knee boots, I love Uggs too, don't know why people hate them that much. I think you look quite sexy in over the knee boots.

  6. Girrrrrl, I got to the second photo and just went "Omgsh, that is SO cool!" Your necklace is stunning. What a statement piece, huh?
    Haha, and I love the grey floral print dress and overall neutral grey theme.

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