Thursday, January 9, 2014


Old Navy Coat
Forever 21 Jacket
American Eagle Outfitters Blouse
Rag & Bone Jodhpurs (ebay)
Seychelles Boots
Leather Bag (Christmas present)
Pearl and Fluorite Necklace, Arrowhead and Brass Necklace assembled by me

We just had a lovely warm spell after the slightly miserable -50 below at Christmas.  I love the -5 below zero to 5 above, it's just about the perfect temp for winter.  It's cold enough the ice on the roads isn't melting but it's still pleasant enough to be out in.   It's suppose to dip back down during the weekend to -30 below but hey, anything's better than -50.  Unless you live in Healy and it's -80 below with wind chill.  Brr.


  1. I personally love Bivver online auctions . Had quite a few sales there , and
    bought also some stuff , after ebay limited my selling privileges being a top
    rated seller ... go figure . Anyways check it out

  2. Thought about you this week as Chicago hit -50 below with the windchill and we all stayed home :-)

  3. Your idea of "warm" blows my mind. Different topic: I love the dynamic effect of seeing you through snow-laden branches

  4. Sonya's comment describes exactly my reaction whenever you say -5 is pleasantly warm...aha, you are amazing 0_o
    Anyway, love that you're wearing a beautiful, delicately designed top amongst the snow!

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