Friday, January 31, 2014

On This Gray and Mournful Day

Old Navy Coat
American Eagle Top and Jacket/Cardigan
J.Brand Jeans (gift)
Cole Hann Loafers (thrifted)
Leather Bag (gift)

I talked earlier this week about thrifting tips and today I'll share a few of my ebay shopping tips.  Again, it's not really new info but it might help out a little bit.  I've found shopping on ebay really cuts down on any impulse buys because I like to think over everything for so long that I end up knowing I really want it.   So with that, I hope this helps!

1.  Ebay is BIG
Ebay is really overwhelming if you don't have a very good idea of exactly what you want. Say you want a pretty, floaty kimono.  Rather than type in "kimono" and get 12,333,856,001.8 hits, narrow it down.  I usually start with a brand I know and like so I might try "Winter Kate Kimonos."  I get 27 hits and an idea what I might want.  I usually have a very specific item in mind when I go to ebay and this helps keep the overload down on hits.  You can just browse if you don't mind wasting an entire day but I have a sort attention span and tend to abandon ship after ten pages so being specific really helps me.

2. It's Probably Cheaper On Ebay (Unless is's the new discount store/designer collaboration.
Don't feed the vultures.)
When I see something in a magazine I always check on ebay.  J.Crew stuff is expensive(to me anyways) and rather than buy stuff from them, I just look on ebay.  They recreate a lot of their styles so you can find items from a year of two ago that's pretty much the same as this year's stuff.  I've  found beautiful silk shirt dresses on ebay for between $10 to $40 that are almost brand new. You can also find current, in store stuff usually for a little less on ebay. I've been looking for a pair of leather shorts(don't judge me!) and Rag and Bone pairs on selling on ebay for a 1/4th of their retail price.   J.Brand is another popular brand of premium jeans that you can find for really cheap, I just did a search and found jeans in various cuts(bootleg, straight, wide and skinny) going for as little as $5.99.

3. Be Specific
This a tighter version of rule one.  If there's something you're looking for, type in the full
name or item name/number.  If you want a silk button down, rather than type "silk button down"
try "J.Crew Blythe blouse, size _." You want leather shorts? (Ahem) Try "rag & bone leather shorts,
size _."  A pair of Steve Madden boots? Rather than type "steve madden boots" try "steve madden Nita (or what ever the style name is) size _."  Always type in your size, it's beyond irritating to find
the item you want at a crazy good price but it's way too big or way too small.

4. Set a limit of how high you want to go
Ebay has either "Buy it now" or "Auction" items. I personally like "Buy it now" items because
it bugs me when someone outbids me at the last moment.  If you do try an auction, there's an option to set your maximum bid when you place a bid.  the maximum bid option will set how high you want to go on an items and it will automatically bid for you when someone else bids, up to the amount you set. this means you don't have to wait out your auction, waiting for those sneaky people who bid at the very last second but it's also good to have an idea of exactly how much you're willing to pay for something.  You dont want to get into a bidding war, get worked up and whoops, you won and it's way more than you wanted to pay.  This keeps the impulse buy at bay.

5. Know your Size
Before bidding(unless you've tried an item on in store and you KNOW it fits) measure yourself.  Bust, Waist,  shoulders, hips, calves(for boots) KNOW YOUR MEASUREMENTS.  And once you know your measurements, make sure you know the measurements of whatever you're bidding on.  Most sellers provide this info but if they don't just message them and most are more than willing to measure an item.  If someone won't, don't bother, it probably won't be a great experience buying from them.  Jeans can be a tricky thing so unless you've worn the brand before of tried them on for fit reference (such as if you're like me and hippy, Citizens of Humanity and Seven for Mankind don't fit so well.  Many of their jeans are cut slim through the hips and thighs where a  brand like Rag & Bone tends to be cut bigger through the hips and thighs but smaller in the waist.  By having an  idea of how a brand fits you, you can decide which jeans will have a decent fit.)

6. Read The Fine Print
By this I mean read EVERYTHING.  Read if they ship to your state/country, shipping charges, details about the clothing and what condition it's in, where the seller ships fro, everything.  I don't really like to buy from China based shops on ebay, the clothing is usually really small, quality can be hit or miss and the shipping can take forever.  You may also be liable for customs charges although many of the China based shops say they're classify it as a "gift" on the customs forms. (This is illegal.)  You also don't to glance over the pictures, think the dress looks great, buy it, get it home and realize there's a huge stain on the back that you forgot to read about.

7. Be Patience
If you don't see what you want, just wait.  Eventually it will show up on ebay and rather than settle for something else, just wait for what you really want.  This goes for price as well!  I love Winter Kate dresses but most of the time they're really expensive, even on ebay.  A while ago many sellers were having sales and there was dresses going for under $50.  I've been waiting on a pair of Dolce Vita heels for over a year now, waiting for them to drop down in price from over $200 and just the other day I found them in my size for $49 while they're currently going for $89.99 plus shipping.  Just wait, you don't have to get all of your closet  "wants" in one day or even one week.


  1. Thanks for these tips! I just started setting up ebay notifications for items I really want but that are sold out everywhere else. Fingers crossed that something pops up soon!

  2. Thanks for the ebay tips! I may have to try out some ebay shopping sometime. I'll definitely be bookmarking this post.

  3. These are definitely great tips that I will be using! I've never used eBay (I know, I know) but I definitely need to test it out.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. This is great advice! I've only bought a handful of items off of eBay, but have yet to buy clothes. There are a wide range of size differences from brand to brand, so I absolutely concur with knowing your measurements!

  5. I have been hugely intimidated by eBay in the past, so this really helps! Thank you! Also, can't wait to see those leather shorts when you find 'em :)

  6. You know me, I do love ebay for shopping some real bargains and your guide really nails what's important to know! Btw., love your bag and your short hair!


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