Monday, January 13, 2014

Of Hats and Boots

Stormy Kromer Hat
Silk Scarf (thrifted)
Forever 21 Jacket (thrifted)
George Cashmere Sweater (thrifted)
Paige Jeans (thrifted)
Bogs Boots (Christmas gift from long ago)
Leather Bag (Christmas gift)

My Bogs boots are about 6 years old at this point and are still the best boots hands down I've ever had.  They beat out the bunny boots because of versatility(I can wear them in the knee deep mud during breakup) and because they beat out sorrels because you can have to pull the liners out, dry them and them wrestle the damn things back in.  I really hate liners.  (Loathe would be a good word.) I wear these in -50 and my feet stay warm, I wear them hauling wood in the summer at 70 degrees and my feet don't overheat.  They are the perfect boots and I love my pair so much.  I ended up saving my my paychecks during Christmas to buy Ev a pair just because they're such an awesome line of boots and he's really enjoyed his pair so far.

I feel the same about my Stormy Kromer hat, it's more of an old school Alaskan hat(meaning I've only seen them on my dad and older Alaskan men) but they're also fabulous for cold weather.  They're made of wool and the flap rolls down over your ears, I personally think they're quite adorable as well.  They're a made in USA brand and have a life time warranty but I've never heard of anyone actually needing to take advantage of this, these hats just don't wear out.  They're also really reasonable, mine was $35 and most range between $30 - $50.  That's a pretty good deal for a hat that'll last you your entire life.   My brothers all have one and one of my brother just bought my little sister one for Christmas.  My family tends to be like that though, we all ended up buying each other Bogs boots after Dad discovered them and now we're all getting each other hats.    Cold weather gear - the ultimate expression of love.


  1. The hat is adorable! I would definitely rock that hat. Do they make them for people with really small heads??

  2. They do! My cap is 7 1/8 but they make sizes smaller than that, I've found them at pretty much any outdoor retail store or they have a website:
    And I agree, I think they're adoreable hats and they're pratical, I wear mine when the temps drop below zero and I've never had a problem with the cold.

  3. Dang, I want one of those hats, especially because of the little flaps that tie in the front! Too cute! The only problem is that I don't wear hats, ever. Maybe I'll get one for my dad. . .

  4. That hat is awesome, I really love the gorgeous leather satchel too...x


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