Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Little House In The Woods

Old Navy Parka
Forever 21 Jacket (thrifted)
Forever 21 Silk Dress (thrifted)
Leather Satchel (christmas gift)
Leather Boots c/o H&M

Ah, the good old days back when Old Navy did cashmere and Forever 21 has silk.  How times have changed.  This dress is actually surprisingly well made, it's one of two button up dresses I've ever found that doesn't not gape at the bust line and a lot of that is due to the fantastic seaming along the bust line.  I'm a 32D so while I like how button up looks, it's rare that I can find one that doesn't gape.  Even sizing up doesn't help, there'll be a bajillion yards of fabric in the back and the stupid thing will still pull in the bust.  So it ends up being a treat when I find on that doesn't although it surprises me that my expensive Equipment blouse gapes, the cheap Forever 21 dress doesn't.  Goes to figure.

These pictures were taken right outside Pioneer Park, I've done a few posts about it before but I love this place.  It looks so pretty in the wintertime and it's wonderful to have a park that puts such a priority on preserving original houses in Fairbanks.  They have a few museums within the park as well as an old Steamboat and a huge kids area.  I've talked about it before so I won't beat a dead horse but if you do ever visit Fairbanks, this should be on your list.  The little house you see here is next to the Salmon Bake and there's a ton of old mining equipment.   It looks pretty picturesque in the winter time with the snow everywhere.


  1. Definitely picturesque. And wow, a win for Forever 21! In the past, but still. I love the contrast between your fierce lapel studs and the sweet floral dress.

  2. great parka and great leather jacket :)

  3. The photos are gorgeous!! And Forever 21 had silk once upon a time?? Crazy!

  4. That is such a beautiful place! I'm sad that we haven't gotten any snow yet where I live. Great outfit too! I love that floral print.

  5. I know what you mean about button-down things. I long for a nice shirt that could be a nice fit around the waist and the boobs. Well done on finding one, and at Forever 21 of all places. :)

  6. I've found some excellent non-gaping button down tops and dresses from Forever 21. I actually tried this dress on back when they had it but it didn't fit me. Sad. It's so cute and I love how you styled it for winter. How bad ass is that jacket too? So cool.

  7. Dat jacket though *_* Yup, still obsessing over that studded/spiked beauty. Hehe, you know how much I love it!
    Oh, and I'm looking forward to getting more red in my hair...aha, my hair pretty much ate the hair dye I put in it since I last posted and I'm looking for a deeper red to try and blend in. Sigh. Hey, if I'm gonna fry my hair, I want people to RECOGNIZE that I did!

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