Thursday, January 23, 2014

It All Came Falling Down That Night

Fleet St. Wool Coat (Very old, about ten years.)
Old Navy Hat
Isabel Marant for H&M Scarf c/o H&M
Wool Sweater (thrifted)
Lucky Brand Leather Bag (Christmas gift)
Areopstale Waxed Jeans
Dublin Leather boots (Birthday gift)

We got dumped on a little while ago which is kinda nice.  It seems like we haven't gotten very much snow the past few years so it seems like quite the overload this year. (at least the snow-machiners are finally happy.)  
I mentioned a while back that our pipes had frozen over during the -52 below.  It turns out they hadn't frozen by the house so we've been trying to figure out if it's something to do with our pump.  the good news, it's not the pump which would have been really expensive and wasn't something we could fix ourselves.  the bad news is the pipe between the house and the pump house is what froze and now its broke.  And it's buried.    So this means no water for us until springtime and the ground thaws out so we can dig up the pipe and replace it.  It's only a few feet down which sort makes sense since the man we bought the house a property from was a "pastor-who-thinks-he's-a-master-carpenter."  Pipes have to be buried pretty far down in order to keep from freezing and this guy just completely half-assed everything. (You should see the wiring this guy did.  And the roof.  And the foundation.  Pretty much everything is a compete disaster.)   It's not the worst thing ever, we just have to think everything out a little more, bathes take more forethought with having to pack in enough water to warm and put in the tub but again, it's not the worst.    We did have a huge problem with the chainsaw, it's a Poulan and while they use to be a great chainsaw back in the day, they've recently switched over to buying parts out of China and the chainsaws had really gone downhill.  We didn't know that when we bought it and it's just had so many problems over the past few months.  I will say, if you live in the Interior and you need your chainsaw fixed, go to Rod's Saw Shop.  Those guys are amazing, they will bring it back from the brink of death, they're really sweet and try to be as informative as possible and their prices as so reasonable.  We've been really impressed with them, their work and their outstanding customer service and we will definitely be customers for life.


  1. woah negative FIFTY?! i'd be scared stepping outside, i feel like blood can freeze at that point! and oh no, how terrible your pipes froze!! how are you going to get water now? :O

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  2. I love following your posts. You make me feel warm, even though we live in the snowbelt and get lots of snow every year. I "get" the shorts in 30 degree weather thing. We do it here too. Please explain how you get water if the pipes are frozen. Do you bring it in by the bucketful? How do you heat it for a bath or shower? Love your style. Keep blogging.

    1. We have five gallon jugs that we fill up in town and use as our cooking/drinking water and I melt snow in five gallin buckets for baths. (i just heat it in pots on the stove and then dump them in the tub.). Its time consuming and requires more effort than turning on the facet but quite a few people live in dry cabins in the Interior/rural Alaska so its not very unusual. We just have to wait until spring so we can dig up the line, replaced the pipe and then insulated them properly.
      Thank you so much as well, that means just a tremendous amount to me! You are far too kind! (i hope your winter is over soon, you guys have really been having some crazy weather.)

  3. I was just going to ask if you could melt snow to use for water and then I see that you can!

    Also, I think there is something wrong with this world when you guys get 35 degree weather and we get 8 degree weather.

  4. Your rough 'n' tumble Alaskan life blows my mind. Good luck with all of the repairs and shenanigans! On a brighter note, I love your boots!

  5. Poulan definitely isn't that great! When I lived there my ex bought a chainsaw that was Poulan brand and it broke after cutting down 10 trees.
    Sorry to hear about your pipe being frozen in such a ridiculous spot! When I lived in Fairbanks my ex boyfriend and I built dry cabins together and sold them. I also helped him out when he did jobs as a stone mason, and I saw a lot of contractors cut corners in ridiculous ways. Sometimes it's to save a little bit of money, but at the expense of making someone else miserable later on. The apartment that I am currently living in in Anchorage has issues, too. It's not as bad as pipes being frozen, but the bath upstairs leaks X(

  6. Blah, this reminds me of the water rationing we had back in the days. Warming water like caveman, I hated it O_O
    I truly sympathize with your predicament, it sucks not having water! But you're taking it like a man, kudos for that! :D You are one bad ass Alaskan girl!

  7. Is it still -52? If so (or even if it's anywhere near that), you are pretty remarkable for being outside AND not wearing any gloves. I am cold just thinking about it, but I'm from just below the equator. The red of your trousers is probably my favorite part of this. The color stands out so beautifully with the white of the snow.


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