Tuesday, January 21, 2014

In This Sunny Little Bit Of The Cosmos

Hat c/o H&M
Leather Satchel (christmas gift)
Band Of Brothers Wool Sweater (thrifted, given to husband and then stolen. It's soft, don't judge.)
Express pants, now shorts (thrifted)
Various silver Rings, some vintage and some from Icings
Leather Boots c/o H&M

Oh sunshine, you are food for my soul.  All it takes if a few days of warm temps, snow melting and sunshine to make me feel like rolling around in the snow and frolicking.   I'm not sure why it feels like winter's gone on for forever this year, it's been comparatively short but after last year, I was really dreading the long dark and cold months.  So even though it's been a nice winter, it feels amazing to be outside, warm and to feel the sunshine on my skin.  Yup, it gets to 35 degrees and it's shorts weather baby!  I'm a wimp though, I wore tights where as most of the men around town today seem to have opted for shorts sans tights. (I suppose it might have been odd otherwise but you'd be surprised how many dudes seem to run around with shorts over those running tights-thingys.  Granted, it's mostly the granolas who do that buuuut...)

I search pretty compulsively for Alaska style blogs as there's only a few of us.  Tons of lifestyle and personal blogs but very few style blogs.  It's always fun to talk with someone else and have similar experiences and can grumble about the cold so I was really delighted when I found the lovely Danielle and her blog Condensed Star Stuff.   She's formally of Fairbanks and currently an Anchor-town gal and is an amazing artist going to school at UAA.  Her posts are so thoughtful and genuine and she shares bits about her life, style, music and art. (I have such an art crush on her, I swear  I promise to not be creepy about it if we ever meet up Danielle.)  She just interviewed me over at her blog but really, you just need to go on over and read through her entire blog because you will love her.


  1. 1. You wear the short hair very well. I'm under the impression that anyone can rock a pixie if they choose too -- but someone like me, who looks distinctly like a dude with short hair, is slightly jealous of the seriously feminine way you wear your locks.

    2. You look so comfortable. Soak up that sun, soak it. Love the sweater!

    3. The blog you linked to is amazing. :)



  2. That's so cool to find a fellow blogger in the same state - especially in Alaska! Haha, I'm still hoping to meet up with an Idaho fashion blogger one of these days....
    Anyway, enjoy that sunshine girl! It's marvelous :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. I love this! I always love a shorts and tights look. I would definitely not be going bare-legged in 35 degree weather! I'm a baby when it comes to the cold. lol. That's cold!

  4. Stunning scenery; stunning rings; stunning jumper. You are... yes, stunning.

  5. Soft sweater stealing forever! ;) I also love the profusion of rings.

  6. Well shucks, Katie! You're making me blush! (over the internet no less)
    I just realized something, though... I FORGOT TO ADD THE QUOTE! Nuuuu!!! I will add it in when I get the time.

  7. Awww, thanks for the shout-out in your interview. That is so sweet of you!


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