Friday, December 20, 2013

When You're So Far Away

Calvin Klein Wool and Cashmere Coat (thrifted)
J.Crew Wool Cardigan (thrifted)
Madewell Dress (Ebay)
Leather Boots (thrifted)
Leather Bag (thrifted)
Fred Meyer "Better Than Cashmere Scarf"

I've been trying to be better about my shopping habits.  Rather than just "buy" I've been trying to streamline my wardrobe.  I did a purge when we moved this summer but since then I've realized that I have far more clothes than I really need. (Seriously, how many white dress does one need?) I don't WANT a gigantic closet but rather a selection of stuff I love, I can throw on with ease and that works with each other.  I love stand out garments but as I've been going through my closet I've realized that I have a lot of stuff that just doesn't work.  Sure, I love a fun pair of patterned pants but I have trouble styling them and since realizing this, I've donated all of my patterned and colored pants aside from a few I really love. I like browns and reds for bottom and those colors work better with the tops I have in my closet and classic blue jeans that fit work better in my wardrobe than a ton of bright pink, polka dotted pants do.  I always want to be better about remixing.  One reason I started reading blogs was because I liked having ideas for  different ways to wear items and unfortunately I really have kinda failed at that.  I never wanted this to be a "shopping" blog, there's other blogs with bigger budgets who do a way better job of that, I want this to be a remixing blog with an  emphasis on remixing my wardrobe.

All of that said now, here's my new dress.  It's white, which seems to be my foil when it comes to dresses but as I'm going through my wardrobe and cleaning out, I'm trying to take note of what I want my ideal wardrobe to look like and this dress is one item I've wanted.  It can lean either towards a sweet or a rebellious look and seeing as I go through periods of both, it fits in well.    As I clean out and pare down my wardrobe I'm always going to be saving up for items that will fit into it but overall, I'm going to try really hard not to be such a consumer this year.


  1. Oooh, this pretty white dress will definitely be a good versatile piece! Reading this inspires me to get started on a cleansing of my closet over break. I really need to wean out the unnecessary pieces...
    Anyway, I always love seeing your photos out in the snow! Such beautiful lighting too

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. You pull off white so well. . . *jealous sigh* & I love hearing about the thoughtful way you're approaching your wardrobe. I "read" a lot of blogs just for the pretty pictures, but you give me pretty pictures AND something to ponder!


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