Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tis The Season To Panic

American Eagle Outfitters Coat and Bag
Banana Republic Cashmere Cardigan (thrifted)
Urban Vibe Lace Top/Old Navy Cami
J.Brand Jeans (gift)
Rampage Boots
Old Navy Scarf and Deer ring

Man, this past week was so warm, everything was melting like crazy and even with a light jacket I was still roasting.  Ahhh, if only that could go on forever.... We have been very lucky with our winter so far, after the winter-that-would-never-end last year, this has been a nice change of pace!  We just finished up with Christmas presents and mailed everything off.  The kids and I made little bird houses, painted them and sent them as gifts.  While it's easy to just buy things it's kinda nice and sweet to make something for someone. (Plus, they're super cute little houses.  Gunnar and Izzy did a pretty awesome job of painting them!)  I suppose I should amend that, it isn't easier just to buy stuff, I always have such a hard time buying gifts for people!  After buying the Harry Potter series for a friend years ago and having her parents freak, I tend to really over-think gifts now and end up just getting safe, non controversial gifts.


  1. great your lace shirt

  2. Omg, don't tell me they're the kind of people like Flanders, who go crazy over Harry Potter and the "witchcraft" in there :-D I love making gifts with my own hands, but they rarely turn out presentable. :-D I adore the crochet top and your adorable white beanie ^_^

  3. It feels great to make gifts. I'm making a watercolor for everyone in my family, seeing as they keep asking for art :)
    I love Harry Potter so much as a series that I forget its "witchcraft" status among some people.

  4. Oh my gosh. I cannot imagine facing that reaction to a gift. Awwkwarddd! Birdhouses sound adorable, and I can't imagine those being controversial :)

  5. Oh man...freaking out over Harry Potter? (sigh). They're classics!
    Aha, I can see why you're more hesitant in getting gifts after that though.
    My parents always say they'd prefer homemade over bought gifts, because they always signify how much time and effort you put into something. And I agree!
    Anyway, loooove that fuzzy jacket you're wearing :D

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