Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Past Reflections Haunt Our Every Move

Old Navy Coat (gift)
French Connection For Sears Dress
Leather Belt (thrifted)
Leather Bag (gift)
Jeffery Campbell Heels (thrifted)
(These pictures are not what I'm wearing for fireworks tonight, this was actually my Christmas outfit.  Sparkly....)

Well, Happy Belated Christmas all!  It's been a busy week, we had a big Christmas Eve party with family and old friends, compete with Santa giving away stockings to all of the kids(my brother has inherited this position from my dad, he finally got to be Santa this year and he didn't even fall off the roof!) and Christmas Izzy and Gunnar opened presents at our house before going over to Nana and Pop-pop's house to open presents and spend Christmas with my family.   right before Christmas the fuel filter on my car died and while repairing it, Ev broke the fuel line and since it's now considered an obsolete part(heaven forbid anyone keep their cars for longer than five years now!) we've been waiting for the part to come in and now waiting for the temps to get a little better.  Christmas was quite cold with -45 below zero at our place and the next day dawned -52 below so yeah, it's kinda a pain to work outside on the car in that weather.   We ended up getting better tires on the Vic so there would be no more sliding backwards down hills and yup, the pipes in the house froze again.  The heat tape is suppose to be good for up to -40 below zero and then everything is insulated but the pipes just couldn't quite make it in the -50 below.  Yay, bull diving for the next week.   Actually, bull diving isn't that bad, I'm pretty use to have no water or the whole pipes freezing so it's not a huge deal to me but Ev's a city boy so this is kinda new to him.

Other than that, it's been work, work, work with a little more work mixed in.  It warmed up today to only -15 below and man, it feels amazing, I've been wearing just a light coat most of the day.  We just bought some fireworks for tonight, mostly sparklers for the kids because sparklers are the best thing ever but we got a few rockets as well.  Not many, the dog looses his marbles over fireworks so we got mostly quite fireworks so he won't get too worked up.  He's getting to be old, he'll be 14 this summer and Id hate to end up giving him a heart attack or something over something as stupid as fireworks.

I really slacked off this past month on the blog, it's been colder this month and with work and family I really haven't had much by the way of spare time.  That's kinda how it goes at this time of year though, you just have to enjoy life as it comes and not get too worried about "documenting" it. That sorta takes all the fun out of it.

Anyways, A Happy New Year to All!  So long 2013, you've been awesome in some ways but you've also seriously sucked in about the most soul crushing ways.   Don't let the door hit you on the way out 2013 and here's to a better, more positive 2014.


  1. Ooooh, love the glittery dress! I definitely agree about prioritizing just living over documenting. And merry belated Christmas to you too :) I hope all the various freezing troubles work out soon.

  2. Documenting moments takes all the magic out of it! That's why most of my posts are simply outfit ones - trying to document anything else would make so many things a task instead of a joy!
    Anyway, everytime you talk about Alaskan weather I have to admire your tough skin - seriously, -15 and you're happy! Makes me realize how spoiled I am.
    So Happy belated Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and yours!
    Love that peek of glittery dress and the plaid scarf you paired with it <3

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