Monday, December 16, 2013

One Winter Night

Old Navy Parka
Gap Sweater (thrifted)
Joe's Jeans (thrifted)
Fred Meyer "Better Than Cashmere Scarf" (not so sure about that claim but it is soft.)
Seychelles Boots

As skinny jeans have moved out of the realm of the joiner's department and have become a so
called staple for wardrobes, I've started wearing more of that cut than my past favorite, the
boot cute.  the boot cute is flattering on pretty much everyone but for shorties like me, they
can kinda be a pain.  Unless you hem every pair(and what teenager does?) the hems drag and are
destroyed before too long, reduced to a worn, tattered mess.  So skinny jeans becoming more
generalized, higher rises and less sausage casing looking, has really be kinda awesome.  I
can roll my hems up and tada, no dragging through the mud.  Have you ever tried to stuff a boot-
cute jeans into tall boots or chaps?  Let me tell you, it sucks, you have to fold over the extra fabric,
roll a sock up over the ends and still end up with a huge bunch in the legs which can really be
uncomfortable riding.  When Old Navy started doing more of the skinny style, i bought a pair to
wear to the barn just to see how they'd hold up and now almost five, four(? it's been a while, okay?) years, that same pair is still my barn riding jeans and I haven't managed to develop a hold in the knees.

It seems odd to be wearing a pair of boot cut jeans in a post where I rave about skinnies but after
a while, you do get sick of just skinny jeans and it's nice to have a little variety.  I have three pairs
or boot cute jeans that I've either been given or thrifted and because I've never hemmed them for flats
(a look that does not look good on me and my short, stumpy legs) I tend to wear them not very often because it always means wearing heels.  Seychelles boots however are killer for winter heeled boots, I've worn these in the very cold and the very slick and have never had a problem with either falling or freezing my toes.

So yeah, that was on overly wordy post.  In short hand, I like skinny jeans because no hems dragging but I decided to wear boot cut jeans and needed to wear heels.  And Seychelles make amazing boots, straight up worth every penny.


  1. Now that skinny jeans have become so ubiquitous, I find it refreshing to see people styling other cuts. . . but I also prefer narrow pants, for the reasons you mentioned. I love seeing the moon in these photos! Magical ~

  2. Skinny jeans are definitely nice and easy for short people. I agree! I really like straight leg ones too because they're easiest to hem and tend to look good on everybody. You don't have to worry about the flare starting at some weird place on your leg. Good times.

    But anyway, I really like how these sunset/night pictures turned out!

  3. Haha, yeah, I prefer skinny jeans since I think they look much sleeker and I don't have to worry about hems dragging either. Although I do love the variety! It's been a while since I've worn boyfriend might be time to drag them out again...

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. I've been totally avoiding pants lately, and this inspires me to pull out the boot cut jeans! I really like the fourth picture down, the way the light shines on you! And also that last picture is pretty spectacular :) It's easy to catch the sunset and sunrise during this time of year!


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