Friday, December 20, 2013

It's Like a Pop Of Color!

J.Crew Coat (thrifted)
Scarf (thrifted)
Cashmere Sweater (thrifted)
Elizabeth and James Silk Dress (Ebay)
Michael-Michael Kors Boots (thrifted)
Dooney and Bourke Bag (thrifted)

Warmer winter weather definitely makes winter outfits a little easier!  When it gets to the super cold I just want to wear pants and snow pants but with the above zero and warmer temps, it's been nice to wear cute dresses with regular tights.  I'm just continuing the trend of black or brown tights, I haven't been very adventurous this winter with colors.  Maybe because most tight colors either look really "young" on me, i.e.pastel blue, or just way too bright.  American Apparel does have some really beautiful shades of tights, lots of cinnamon browns and stuff.  I keep wanting to order a pair but then I go to the website and it' soft core porn or something.  Like the clothes but woooow, the styling and photos o the sight always make me feel like a lecherous old man.    Is that their thing, nice, USA made clothes but really smutty stock photos of really young looking girls?    Kinda hard to get behind that.


  1. fabulous coat....and the outfit is so well put together. OMG I was thinking exactly the same thing about Americal Appeal, seriously it looks like children phonography, those girls look 15 top. Maybe they're not really underage but made to look like that, but that's wrong too, isn't it?

  2. obvioulsly I meant to write pornography not phonography*

  3. Lovely red coat; makes a good contrast to the blueness of the winter :)

  4. Hahaha, American Apparel likes to make others feel uncomfortable, with all those skanky photos. :-D Or maybe they're trying to attract the male attention? Don't know :-D
    I love you in bold colorful clothes. You look gorgeous in both vibrant red or dark brown, because you are pretty and charming and I think erything suits you :-)

  5. I love bright colors against a snowy background. It's so pretty and I love the contrast! I also love how the coat was bright, but then your actual outfit is more subdued and pretty. Dusty pink is such a great shade. This is a great outfit for winter! I can't even imagine having to deal with below zero temperatures. I'm already sick of 30-degree temperatures!

  6. Ahhh, one of my favorites again Katie! I love this one - the skirt works so perfectly with the other warm brown colors of your outfit, and then the sky blue sweater and red coat...beautiful :)
    Ugh, and yeah, after reading that I checked out the site and felt uncomfortable looking through. Seriously? They need to find a new way to advertise...

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. That seems to be exactly American Apparel's niche. I've heard a lot of stories about the employees and models being sexually harassed, too, which sucks. On the bright side, I love the way your pale blue sweater looks against the snow!

  8. i agree the AA website is a bit... sketch! the red coat is fab & love how you've paired it with the lighter blue :) one of my fave colour combos.

  9. Oh yeah American Apparel ads are quite risque. It doesn't bother me enough to not go to the site, but I'm often genuinely surprised at some of the "creative" poses these girls are in. I mean, hooray for human-looking girls but can't they ever wear a bra so their nips aren't staring at me?

    Annnnyway. This coat. It's so pretty on you and I love that shade of red with your blue sweater. I definitely say find some colorful tights for this winter. They're an easy way to add color to an otherwise neutral outfit. They really can change the look of a dress too.


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