Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Getting In the Spirit

American Eagle Outfitters Jacket
Anne Klein Cashmere Sweater (thrifted)
Skirt (gift from a friend)
Carlos Boots via Famous Footwear
Handbag (christmas gift)
Leather gloves (thrifted)
Isabel Marant for H&M Scarf c/o H&M

Man, I think I was *slightly* delusional when I was talking about it slowing down.  I just looked at my schedule and I'm packed for this entire month, mostly thanks to it being such an usually warm month.  We did just come through another little cold streak which lead to me not feeling much love for outside pictures, I took these the other day when it was pretty chilly. (And dark.  Booo, graniness.) Maxi skirts can be awesome for cold weather, I usually wear longjohns and leggings under mine and stay pretty warm but there is a little bit of impracticality wearing a long dress in deep snow.  Or slush, oh delightful, messy slush, how I don't miss you one bit.  

Hah, I can hardly even talk straight in a post tonight.  I'm going to try to get back to a schedule blogging here this week, I did pretty well witch staying on it the past month even with running to town for internet but man, this past week has about killed any creativity or energy. Anyways, enough whining from me.  I'm looking forward to getting ready for Christmas, the kids are at an age now where Christmas is really fun for them and I really enjoy doing Christmas-y things with them.  My parents were always awesome about making Christmas special for us and doing fun things so I want to try to do the same for my little guys.  You start remembering how fun and magical Christmas time can be when you're around kids, everything is so fun and special through their eyes and I've been focusing on that more than blogging or getting on the computer.  At the end of the day,  the blog and computer stuff isn't something that's tangible where my relationship with my kids is and that's what I put my energy into.  (Sooo, I guess I'm just saying I'm being a lazy blogger.  Whew, good thing I don't do this for a living!)  We're going to go find a live tree to put up in the house this year and that should be pretty big fun for the kids, we've always had a little plastic tree for Christmas. (Did not live through the move.  Unsecured loads, trucks and men, enough said.)  We got the ladder out today to put up the Christmas lights on the house, I just need to find the staple gun and then it should start looking a little brighter and happier at night.

Err, lots of rambling there.  Merry Christmas everyone, I know it early to be saying that but seeing as stores start putting out the Christmas stuff on July 5th now, I think saying it at the start of December is okay.   And uh, if anyone wants some of the crazy white stuff called snow, just let me know, I'll totally hook you up.  We've got enough of it as you can see!


  1. Oh wow leggings under a maxi...never thought of that!! Gosh I love how you mix prints...you do it so well!

  2. Christmas is coming, the latest michael kors bag here, good prices and quality, to introduce to you

  3. It's crazy how it's already December! I'm starting to get in the Christmas spirit though, and I love seeing how excited little kids get during this time of year. It's infectious :)
    I'm planning on stringing fairy lights around the apartment, and maybe a have a wreath or two somewhere.
    Anyway, love your bright cheery maxi skirt!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. I love how you're wearing a bright yellow skirt in the winter! I don't see that too often, but other girls just don't know what they're missing out on! Hah!
    It's difficult to still have the energy to blog after a long day, especially with kids. I get woken up a lot at night due to my daughter's potty training, and I just want to sleep once she does. I also completely agree about Christmas... it was losing its luster until I had a kid, and now she will finally be able to open up her presents and actually get excited for them! It's great. :)

  5. You look very elegant in that yellow skirt. & I didn't know that you're a mom! (Assuming I interpreted this correctly.) It totally makes sense that you want to prioritize that. Christmas season has always been my favorite, both then and now :)

  6. Love the skirt in contrast with the snow and rest of the outfit. You look so brave in these photos! :)

    <3 Megan


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