Saturday, December 21, 2013

As Our Breath Hangs In The Still Air

Old Navy Parka
Hat c/o H&M
French Connection for Sears Jacket
Scarf (gift)
American Eagle Outfitters Waxed Jeans and Blouse
Leather Cowboy Boots (thrifted)
Elephant Bag (thrifted)

I don't get affected by the lack of real sunlight during the winter but after nearly a month of twilight-y light, getting a few rays of actual sunshine felt amazing.   The warmer weather and the sunshine feels so wonderful, I go outside and I just feel a huge burst of energy. (Good for the never ending chore of firewood!)  


  1. Firewood forever! The light looks beautiful. . .

  2. Wow the picture with the sunlight peeking through is beautiful :)

  3. I really like your bag! And the sunshine in these photos looks beautiful!

  4. That scarf is awesome and so is your adorable little hat! So cute.


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