Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wintery Frost

Homemade Dress (thrifted and altered)
American Eagle Outfitters Jacket
Fur Scarf and Leather Belt (thrifted)
Seychelles Boots

Now, I 100% recommend rolling about in the snow in bare arms, it's just the best kind of fun.  And by fun I mean it's really stupid but it makes for fun pictures.  I blame it all on you Linda, you and those crazy gorgeous pictures you took last winter in the white dress.  

These pictures were taken back when we had a warm spell, now there's another foot of snow on the ground. The wind's blown all the snow off the branches and everything's piled up so the landscape has lost a little of it's "winter holiday look, now it just looks like the dead of winter.  But hey, no super cold temps yet!


  1. Oh my, just looking at you bare-armed in that snow gives me chills. I am not looking forward to the snow!! However, I do enjoy fur things and winter is the best time to wear them!

  2. Bahaha, oh you're very welcome! You know you loved how these turned out! They look spectacular Katie, and I am so glad to have inspired you :) I think you definitely went the extra mile by actually lying down in the snow! Now I'm looking forward to the next snow we get...because I'm going to try this now

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Oh you mean that isn't a field of warm fluffballs? Haha! Laying in the snow paid off because you have beautiful pictures to show. :)

  4. How on Earth did you manage to stay so composed while being so cold?! An inspiring photoshoot indeed, anyway :)

    <3 Megan

  5. oh Katie, you and your snowy photos... I'm glad we don't have that white stuff here in Estonia yet but I love seeing your white photos. you always surprise me with something cool and today wasn't an exception. awesome job, absolutely awesome! plus I love it how dramatic this dress looks, and the fur too. beautiful!
    by the way, I miss you in my blog, dear! :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. Hahaha I was wondering how you were surviving out there with bare arms! These pictures turned out so pretty though, so it was worth being cold for a little bit. I love the cozy-looking fur scarf and cute jacket you paired with this dress too.

  7. Princess!!! That dress is glorious :) And I'm impressed that you laid down in the snow


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