Friday, November 22, 2013

Once Upon A Frost Bitten Night

Forever 21 Faux Leather Jacket (thrifted)
Zara Silk Dress (thrifted)
Worthington Faux Leather Top via JCP
Seychelles Boots

After our summer of blazing heat I seem to have forgotten how much of a pain it is to take pictures in both the dark and extreme cold.  It's difficult not to get graininess in -40 below zero and while these night pictures weren't taken in quite that cold(a mere -20 below) the cold does unpleasant things to picture quality.   The weather took quite a dip in temps over the past few days, we reached down to -45 below zero at our house and wow, I am so happy at how the house did!   I've talked a little bit about it through out the summer but when we bought our house, it ended up have to be pretty much completely redone.  Walls, insulation, roof, wiring, flooring, it was bare bones and we had to do a ton of work.  We didn't get the chance to redo some parts as much as we wanted and I've been really nervous about reaching the extreme cold temps but so far, the house has been a champ with retaining heat and keeping the cold out.  The pipes didn't even freeze!   It doesn't take much for you to realize what an extreme luxury shelter, heat and water are and everything else is just wants. (Aside from food of course, a full pantry is an amazing sight.)   I was looking at some house decorating ideas on Pintrest and while I thought the ideas were fun, I felt no sense of jealousy over how nice some of those houses were.  I mean, my house isn't the prettiest and we have a long ways to go but it's ours.  Up until we bought out place, home ownership was years and years away and renting in town had gotten pretty stressful.  Our landlords were nice people but they had the worst judgement in choosing renters and it was night after night of calling the cops, listening to someone being beaten or worrying about the crazy guy upstairs losing it and shooting his gun. (Right after we left, this happened and the people who moved into our place actually got hurt.  A stray bullet hit one women's leg and while no one got really hurt, it was very scary to be there with little children.)  A lot of bad things happened in that place and I tried to not dwell on them at the time but right now I can't even express how happy and thankful I am to not be there anymore.  So this Thanksgiving I'm thankful for finally having a safe place to live that's warm, food to eat and firewood in the shed.

Oh, and running water.  I not only love warm baths, I HEART them.


  1. I actually think the grainy pictures are kinda cool. It increases the otherworldly quality of all that snow! (I'm a Californian, so snow is totally otherworldly to me.)

    Sounds like it's really great to be where you are now instead of where you were! Certainly something to be thankful for.

  2. I always hate taking photos when it gets darker, and now it gets dark so early! But I agree with Sonya, these dim photos in the snow adds a certain element of mystery and intrigue to your look! And girrrrl, you had to know i would LOVE this outfit! All the studs and spikes make my heart skip a beat! :D

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  3. I'm glad you're not living in that place anymore! That sounds scary!

    I can't imagine taking pictures in that cold weather. I'm enough cold when I visit Illinois and it drops below 0. -45 sounds nuts! At least you look super cool and pretty in these pictures. I absolutely love your jacket and your spiked headband.

  4. Damn, this sounds like a horror story from a movie "My crazy neighbors". This makes my "problems" with renting seem soo soooo small O_O
    But I'm glad you got out of there and you have a shiny new house. I would love to see a tour of the house :D I love houses! My dream is to buy one and raise wolves in our yard :D
    Btw, -20 degrees? Really!!!!? And you're walking around in your thin leather jacket like: "Nah, I don't give a damn.." Wow, I'm impressed :D


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