Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I'll Wear Your Grandma's Clothes

Wool Hat
Faux Leather Jacket (thrifted)
American Eagle Outfitter Sweater (thrifted)
BCBGMaxArzia Silk Dress (thrifted)
MichaelMichael Kors Boots
Bag (thrifted)

I like things about this outfit and there are things I don't like.  I do love long layers over long layers but I don't think they quite work with my stubby legs. I think next time I wear this I'll try more of a cropped sweater to break up the proportions.   This length of skirt is always tricky for me, I really like the length but again, it's that height thing. (Or lack of.)   Usually to not look broken up in odd ways I have to wear really high heels to make it look sort of flattering but I don't think style is necessarily always suppose to be about what's "flattering."  Knowing proportions and fit and what works is important because it's easy to look like a mess but I would like to move pass that into figuring out how to wear things that won't maybe make me look six feet tall but that might say a little about my personal style.

Rambles.  I need to start trying to figure out how to put these down so I don't like crazy every time I have a thought.


  1. I do love your blog because of gorgeous photographs you always blog in here. I'm so impressed by all those wonderful Alaskan landscapes, how nice to live there! I also like your sense of style, you are always so original and chic!
    Have a fabulous time!

  2. You live in the most beautiful place ever! Or, at least, you take gorgeous photos! The skirt has such an interesting pattern. Really nice outfit! :)

  3. I think your proportions look great! But what do I know, haha. The title of this post cracked me up & I actually recognized the song it's from for once!

  4. Love this outfit! I don't think your proportions look weird at all. I'm a shorty too (5'3") and I dress like this all the time, though. ;) That silk dress is beeyootiful.

  5. It's good to be aware of what is flattering on your body type, but I am also a fan of wearing whatever you want despite that. I suppose those two kind of mush together to make sense? Anyway, you look great... as usual! :)

  6. I love long layers over long layers too, and I think this looks awesome. I think it suits you a lot and is very flattering to your body type. Especially love the skirt and that amazing necklace of yours :)


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