Saturday, November 23, 2013

Harrow Boots and Cheaper Versions

Herman Kay Wool Coat (thrifted)
Faux Leather Coat (thrifted)
American Eagle Outfitters Tee
Silk Scarf (thrifted)
Vintage Leather skirt (thrifted)
Carlos Boots vai Famous Footwear
Coach Bag (thrifted)

It should be noted that I am horrible at throwing. (This snowball made it not even two feet.)  It's not from a lack of practice, my family played a lot of backyard baseball growing up and I attempted to play for a softball team but since I couldn't get any more my pitches to actually make it to the batter(even when they moved me half way up between the mound and home) it was suggested that maybe I not come back.  Since then I've worked and worked on it but nope, doomed to a life of poor distance and aim.  At least I make up for it by being sneaky in snowball fights.  

I bought my Rag and Bone Harrow boots back in October and almost right after buying them, I found two almost perfect ripoffs. I'd been wanting the Harrow boots for close to a year by that point and had looked at sort of look a likes,but hadn't found anything quite right.  Now there's two really good dupes on the market right now at far lower prices.

These are the boots that started it all, Rag and Bone's "Harrow" boots.  The slit makes them flattering on the leg and they seem a little more substantial than the similar Isabel Marant booties that have been so popular.  You can find them on Rag and Bone's website here and they retail for a whopping $495.  I bought my pair on ebay for far less but I'd been watching for a while and was able to get a pair of very gently used ones.  They're made of leather and look lovely in person, they have personality but are toned down enough for everyday wear.  

Next up are Sole Socitey's Skylar booties.  These are almost a perfect replica right down to the closure, are made of real suede but fake leather on the straps.  These retails for $89.95, come in black, brown and gray-ish brown.  You can find them on Nordstrom's wedsite here.
I haven't seen them in real life so I can't speak to fit of comfort but looks wise they're a perfect match.  Had I seen these first, I probably would have tried them out before saving up for the Rag and Bone Harrow ones but right now I'm pretty happy with the pair I have.

Then there are Carlos by Carlos Santana, located here at Famous Footwear.  These boots not as close of a match looks wise, they have a buckle rather than the slip closure but it's small potatoes.  They are made of man made materials however but comfort wise, these boots are amazing.  The heel is a comfortable height and they have the front slit that's so flattering on the leg and part of what makes the Harrow boots so popular. They retail normally for $79.99 but are on sale right now for $49.99. (I recommend not paying full price, Famous Footwear has sales all of the time.)

I bought the Carlos version because I'd been looking for a plain-ish pair of black ankle boots, I love my Seychelles pair but I hate wearing them in the wet snow so these were an alternate that I won't feel as bad about wreaking. I also had a coupon and a rewards card so I got mine for pretty cheap, I usually don't like to pay that much for non leather shoes, man made materials are not always that durable.

Note: Non of the links are affiliates, I don't get money if you click through.  I just thought it would be polite to reference back to where I found them.


  1. Oooh, these photos are so awesome! I love that last one of you throwing the snowball (even if you apparently suck lol it looks fantastic)!
    Man, that's the thing with buying something you love - you always find the better deal afterwards...these knockoff boots are great replicas!

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  2. Mitttteeeennnnns! I'm loving all these snow pictures :) And I'm jealous of your boots, but even the dupes seem expensive to me! I'm used to buying cheap shoes and wearing them absolutely to death

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  4. your high heel shoes is making yourself perfect for are look stunning !

  5. your look is perfect for winter...loved your Suede Shoes ...!!;)


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