Monday, November 18, 2013

Chaser of the Light

Wool Hat
Bebe Leather Jacket (consigment)
Forever 21 Blouse (thrifted)
Elizabeth and James Silk Maxi (ebay)
Carlos Booties via Famous Footwear
Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag (consignment)
Icing Scarf

Wow, I've had a hard time catching the light lately.   By the time I'm able to get around to pictures it's past three and the light is about gone, it's definitely challenging me more this year to take low light pictures or play with artificial lighting.

I noticed that I was terrible about wearing summery clothing this past summer!  I had to wear jeans most of the time and when Id get home it was so hot Id just want to wear shorts.  I never got around to photographing this skirt during the summer and now that it's cold for the next six months, all I can think about it wear this skirt with some leather sandals and a tank top.  Totally figures, right?

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  1. I love the soft bluish light you've been catching. . . in this case it makes the ombre of the skirt look somewhat magical


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