Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We're On a Mission From God

Hat c/o H&M
Old Navy Trench
Scarf (Christmas Gift from my sister)
American Eagle Outfitters Blouse
High Waisted Jeans (thrifted - no label)
Clarks Oxfords (thrifted)
Arrowhead Pendant (thrifted)
Medium Pendant - American Eagle Outfitters
Long Bird Skull Pendant - Etsy
Leather Bag (thrifted)

I really liked this outfit, it was about as comfy as you can get and woooow, everyone was right when they said Clarks shoes were easy on the feet.  I've been wearing this oxfords quite a bit and they are so comfortable, there's a lot of bounce in the sole and they're great for long days on your feet.  I got these at the thrift store but I think Ill have to start checking out Clarks for shoes.  I've been really pleased with Seychelles, their shoes also are quite comfortable and while they're kind pricey, all of my pairs have really held up well, I've gotten a lot of wear out of those black lace up boots!

I've taken up knitting again, I have some Christmas presents I'm working on right now and it's a fairly nice, mindless thing to do while watching a movie at night.  I finally found a new copy of The Blues Brothers, I'd lost my much-watched copy a while back and it's been a hard movie to locate in town.  That's just sad, why would a store have ten copies of "Dude, Where's My Car" but no copies of The Blues Brothers?   And if you haven't watched that movie, GO SEE IT NOW.  


  1. Aww, love this looky, it's so pretty. The scarf and ethnic shirt are my favorites! ^_^
    I used to knit a lot. My granny taught me, but I forgot everything. I used to make like 4 to 5 scarves every week....I was a depressed child :D

    Oookay, gonna see the movie now! :D

  2. Oops, I haven't seen that movie =P I love your Art Deco-esque pashmina and the blouse. Plus layerssss, yes

  3. I love Clarks shoes! They are on the expensive side but every pair I've had has been both comfortable and durable. Since I stand up all day, I've tried other brands of comfort shoes but I think Clarks are still my favorites.
    The layered necklaces are so pretty! :)


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