Saturday, October 12, 2013

Roam The Earth

Wool Hat
Old Navy Parka
Guess Lace Dress (thrifted)
Leather Belt (thrifted)
Leather Duffle (thrifted)
Icing Ring
Rag and Bone Harrow Boots (ebay)

We'll probably get snow sometimes her in the next week and a half so I went back down to the flats for another picture session before the aforementioned snow sets in.  I didn't really get any pictures of the river last time so I went to a different spot but dude, it was cold!  Rainy, blowing with cold-ish temps, it's like training for the lovely cold that's coming.   Time to break out the parka, that's for sure.  I'm really happy about finding this one last year, it's not warm enough by far for the -50 below zero but it's pretty great for around 20 degrees and that sort of mild cold temps. (Plus it's olive green and we all know how much I love that.)

Everything looks so gray and while I do like the pretty, gold fall that we only get for a little while, I really enjoy the starkness that comes afterwards when the leaves fall and the branches grasp for the sky.  There's something sort of eerie and interesting about this time and I suppose it does set the mood for All Hallows Eve.  I freaking love Halloween, I grew up in a pretty conservative Baptist church and Halloween was the Devil's Day and you can bet trick or treating was frowned on.  (It's kind of stupid really, if you tell the kids that Satan gives you candy and Jesus wants you to stay home and pray, who do you think kids are going to like more?  That's some bad PR there folks.)  My parents were pretty awesome though and we always went trick or treating because dude, it's free candy.   FREE CANDY.  Most magical words in the world right there.    We use to always think movies lied, in films kids would trick or treat down snow free roads with leaves still on the trees in full costume while we'd have zero degree temps, three feet of snow on the ground and all the kids looked alike in their snowsuits.  We didn't really understand movies where people wished for a white Christmas, we thought it snowed everywhere and it seemed crazy to wish for something that was a given.


  1. Lol that is too funny, bad PR indeed! I know, my parents didn't see any problem with Halloween so it was a favorite holiday of mine for sure.
    I really love this stark background for this outfit! I swear, you find the prettiest locations that add this dreamy feel to all your photos.
    Then there's your fabulous outfits themselves! I love this textured dress with the unique belt and the parka. <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. Layersss! With that lacy dress under the sensible-chic parka, you're like a sartorial present :) Y'know, your photos always give me the impression of a lookbook rather than just a blog post, what with the glorious natural backgrounds and your modeling/styling skillz. I know I sound kinda gushy, but seriously! Example:

    About Halloween, though. . . FREE CANDY!

  3. Haha yes! I remember trick or treating as a youngster when I lived in Valdez, and everyone had to wear their costume over their snowsuit. That or just have your parents drive you. :P It looks like you could fit a lot of things in that bag. A bag of wonderful mysteries! I was looking out the window this morning, and the very last of the leaves are hanging on by a thread. I can see neighbors that I didn't know were there because they were hidden.

  4. These photos are magical! I love all the different textures in your outfit.

  5. hehe, I loved reading this post, especially your childhood memories. so cute and funny :)
    and wow, it sure is all grey where you live! but even when everything looks grey I can still fully enjoy the background and your outfit. I looove the dress from Guess, that scarf which also adds some colour here and of course the belt. Katie, you always thrift the most amazing things! I bet I would go absolutely crazy in Alaskan thrift stores, haha.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. I love Halloween too, I just did a big post the other day on my favourite aspect which is dressing up. My parents were actually against Halloween too. They thought it was a celebration of evil or something so I don't have any childhood memories of it. However when I left home I embraced the whole dressing up things as much as possible. I don't really like sweets (shock) so that part Im not as fussed about. :)
    Your outfit is beautifully elegant, and also really makes me think of exploration. It looks so timeless. I especially love that belt!


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