Sunday, October 6, 2013

Out To Pasture

Hat c/o H&M
Old Navy Shirt
American Eagle Cuff and Shirt
J.Brand Jeans (gift)
Dooney and Burke Bag (thrifted)
Clarks Oxfords (thrifted)

Ugh, we're really starting to loose the light at night now, these pictures were taken at only  6 pm.  Oh well, it's been a busy few days.  We just got our wood stove and installed that and we've been cutting hay and firewood non stop.  We're really lucky that we have a decent soil, even though we didn't put a huge amount of effort into it we still got half an acre of hay so next year we'll clear the rest of the field and plant it, it'd be nice to not have to pay for hay for at least the summer and save it up for winter.   This was a terrible year for hay in Alaska, almost no one in the state got a second cutting so it's really scarce at the moment.  There's a guy that we might be able to get winter hay from down in Delta Junction if the feed stores don't buy him out first.


  1. Very cute, casual outfit - I like the way you styled the cropped tee, and I'm envious that you thrifted a gorgeous pair of Clarks!

  2. Damn, hope you find decent hay, it sounds like hard work O_o
    Also, it's getting dark at 7pm here as well, I mean black dark :D It's so depressing!
    Awesome look as always Katie. Especially love the belt and gorgeous green jacket :)


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