Monday, October 28, 2013

One Fine Night

Wool Hat
Knit Jacket c/o H&M
Fred Meyer Lace Top
Old Navy Tank
Aero Waxed Jeans
Dirty Laundry Boots
Necklace (thrifted)
Coach Bag (thrifted)

It's hard to beat forty degrees plus in October, this past month of prolonged fall is kinda making up for the spring-that-never-came this year.  With no snow i n the forcast, it looks like this will be the first Halloween in 75 years not to have snow and the first year that I'd ever seen a brown Halloween.  Crazy stuff but it's going to make for some awesome trick or treating this year.  I took the kids to the Halloween carnival at Gunnar's school yesterday and they had a pretty great time.  His school is smaller so it usually manages to put on some fun events for the kids and this year there was quite a few military dads who'd ended up volunteering to help run games. (Which is really adorable, all these big guys in military uniforms helping out all of the kids at the games.)   Afterwards Ev and I got to visit the Haunted House out in North Pole, I'm a pretty big chicken when it comes to that sort of stuff and this years Haunted House was quite spooking.  It had an old time Insane Asylum theme to it and was really well put on on, the actors interacted a little with you and half the time it was so dark you couldn't even see your hands in front of you in the halls.  I think I was almost running by the time we got to the end but hey, when some guy in a butcher's outfit with a pig's head is following, you really don't stand around and have a nice chat with him. (Or maybe you guys are braver than me and you do.)    It was kind of a nice break to get out of the house, we've all been really sick with the flu and ear infections, it was lucky that the day we all felt better was the day all the fun stuff landed on.  That's rare, it usually seems like you get sick when all of the fun stuff is going on, not the other way around.


  1. love your pics...great outfit and nice hat

  2. That haunted house sounds wild! They always freak me out. I'm afraid of the dark and easily spooked, so. . . I need someone's hand to grab :3

    As for the outfit: I really like the combination of the patterned blazer with the lace pattern/texture

  3. That sounds so exciting! I haven't been to a haunted house in 10 years!
    I sure hope it doesn't snow and stays relatively warm! This will be my first year actually taking my daughter out trick or treating! (She will be 3 in two weeks!). I figured a quick stroll around the neighborhood would be good. =)
    I love these photos! I like how we were able to see your smile in the last picture. Don't see it too often. hah!

    P.S. - On my post about song covers, I totally wasn't ranking them. I am not sure why I numbered them, actually. They are in so specific order! I am going to have to go back and remove the numbers now! Haha.


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